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Presences in the house

Presences in the house friends from the Sky


Presences in the house : today my daughter is 16 years old, when she was little she would play and talk to herself; initially, understandably, I assumed she had an imaginary friend; she told me he was part of the family, Angels are part of our family, I used to tell her.


She continued this way until she was 4 years old, then one day, as I was tidying up the office, the picture of my husband’s nephew fell from inside a book on to the floor. I will clarify that is not my habit to keep commemorative pictures around the house. She picked it up, looked at it, and screamed in front of my girlfriend, whom already knew about it, “Mum, he is my friend, you see, you know him too”.


Ever since then Alex (this is the name of my husband's nephew, who passed at 20 years old from a brain tumor) has always been with her. She talks to him, and he helps her with her teenage related problems.


By now I have become used to it, but at the beginning it was hard for me, because while both my daughter and my husband were born with this gift, I was not, and so I did not really believe her, then I absolutely had to concede that I was wrong, because Alex, before he died, wanted to meet her. Alessia was not even a year old, she was born in August 2001 and he passed in May 2002, and so there is no way she could possibly remember him. But he told her that he would protect her, and this is exactly what he is doing now.


Presences in the house friends from the Sky are Gina’s words




Presences in the house


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