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Meditation with the Angels

Meditation with the Angels seeing the Angels


Meditation with the Angels : it happened to me in 2008, I saw Angels during a meditation; one Sunday morning, it was 6:30 am; I was meditating in a cross-legged position, and I don’t know how it happened, I found myself in between two beautiful Angels, with short hair, dark, very tall, dressed in white, they looked at me sweetly, with a sweet smile, I felt a sensation of protection and of immense peace and love.


Their right hand was on top of their left hand, which was clenched in a fist, as if we had met in front of God, an immense light; unfortunately my rational mind ruined everything, because I asked myself mentally (what am I seeing?) and that’s when, just like that, everything vanished like white smoke.


I was left very upset at that, because I was aware I had ruined a magic moment, but afterward they left a wonderful sensation within me; for about ten days I felt happy and light, without any apparent reason for it, and despite the problems I was having at the time, it was a joy that made me want to hug everyone and everything, a fantastic sensation, but I never got to see them again.


Sometimes I have received proof of their presence: a few months later, two weeks after my birthday, a girl I knew came to visit me, and even though we were not very close, she said she had a birthday gift for me, I was speechless, because it was an unexpected gift; as I opened the box, I found that inside it there was a beautiful blonde Angel, with a nice plum colored robe, with golden details.


This girl could not have known that I loved Angels, or even that I believed in Angels.


When I think of those two Angels in my meditation, I ask myself, why two? am I a grave case, that called for my Angel to ask for help? I remember more vividly the Angel who was on my left.


A divine hug to everyone


Meditation with the Angels seeing the Angels are the words from Satya




Meditation with the Angels seeing the Angels


Meditation with the Angels


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