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Contacting the departed

Contacting the departed they can show up


Contacting the departed : today I would like to tell you about another episode that happened to me, I will tell you also because November 1st is approaching, the day in which my beloved uncle left us and this is a rather hard time of the year for me, despite the fact that many years have already gone by.


It was in the evening, I had gone to the bedroom, I sat down, and I was sorting out the few clothes I had left on a wardrobe chest that was by the bed.


In that moment, the bedroom door slammed open, and my uncle showed up right in front of me, he was wearing his red robe that he always wore while he was with us, and his slippers.


I was petrified, he came, moved aside some of the clothes I had just folded, and sat down on the chest.


I burst into tears, I started crying really hard, I was shocked and desperate at the same time; I asked if we could phone my aunt together, I didn’t want to spend too much time on me, but to at least tell her a few words because she was suffering so much.

He smiled and shook his head, he told me he could not do it, despite my continued pleas, and he said he was there for me; he hugged me, I was in tears in his arms, and while I was telling him to stay with me, to not leave me, I fell asleep.


The following morning I woke up in my bed, I never understood if it was a dream or reality, after all I was awake to begin with, and everything felt so real, but that morning my eye immediately went to the wardrobe chest, and the clothes were still moved exactly in the way he had moved them.


I called my aunt to tell her everything that had happened.


She told me that the very same night she also had a vision: she was laying down in her bed and my uncle was floating above her.


What can I say? I know that these things seem so surreal, and that there will always be those who question it, but I lived it, and I can only be grateful to him for the gift he gave me even after his death, it was the biggest gift ever, the gift of knowledge and awareness that they continue to live together with us.


Contacting the departed they can show up are the words from Maria Sol




Contacting the departed they can show up


Contacting the departed


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