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Black feathers meaning

Black feathers meaning for the Angels


Black feathers meaning : we are used to receiving white feathers from the Angels, of all sizes, fluffy, fascinating, small, large, but when we are in pain, in our pain, Angels can show us their participation and closeness by means of black feathers, black feathers we see take on this meaning “I am close to you with all of my heart in this dark moment of pain, but I am with you”.


Let’s listen to Mena’s nice story


I will tell you a testimonial that made me cry, and that touches me just at the thought of it… one night, I was outside in the balcony, I was admiring the sky, I remembered I had asked the Angels to give me a sign as an answer to my problems I was whispering to them.


Suddenly I saw some enormous black feathers, they were very clear, they were clouds in the sky in the shape of splendid black feathers, I was astonished, happy, I was crying and I could not stop thanking them, it was wonderful, thank you Angels!


After a while, those problems I had consulted the Angels for were resolved, and I thank them truly from my heart because they are there, they are always there in times of need.


Black feathers meaning for the Angels are the words from Mena




Black feathers meaning for the Angels


Black feathers meaning


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