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Animal kingdom and the other side

Animal kingdom and the other side presence of our animals after death


Animal kingdom and the other side : all of us who have loved a pet, a dog, a cat, a bird, all of us who have loved an animal, ask ourselves if, after their death, we are ever going to meet with them again on the other side, if the Love we felt for them can continue to be felt one day, animals and the other side, animals and this side, yes, because one day we will meet again in the Sky, in Paradise, but there are so many manifestations of them after death that indicate their presence is still with us, sometimes, of course not always, just like when we go to visit a good friend, but there are sure traces of their presence, even in the animal kingdom, where there is Love there is the presence of God.


Cinzia tells us, for example, about her experience; I too feel her presence here in our home, it’s wonderful to know that my dog is still here with me; since she died, sometimes on the floor I see her paw prints, and even some fur; then, close to her little urn, there is her picture and sometimes I find it has moved … soon after her death I could hear barking in the balcony and in the sky there were clouds in the shape of a dog … a wonderful thing!!! I hope to see her one day. One embrace of light, Cinzia


Even Giulia tells us: I believe in it because I too feel the presence of my Vanessa, especially when I am on the sofa and when I am having dinner I feel a little pressure on the right leg …. She used to lean on it to ask for food


Paola tells us: I have also had the opportunity  to see and feel my Russian greyhound, whom I loved like a child, but I tell you more, in addition to being here, in the most difficult moments, he appears in pictures, or in images among the clouds; throughout his illness he was covered with rainbows, day and night, to date, after 4 years, day or night, there appeared a rainbow where he was in the house, where he passed … so, an angel who follows me and protects me and whom I see next to me even when I meditate. The true secret of life is life after death.


Sergio tells us: I used to have a cat to whom I was very close, he always slept at my feet on my bed, or would play with a little table tennis ball while I studied. Six months after his death, I saw him at the feet of my bed, looking at me sadly, then he gradually disappeared, and once I heard the table tennis ball bouncing across the room, just like when he played with it, but of course there were no balls, just the noise.


These are only some testimonials, precious experiences.


Animal kingdom and the other side presence of our animals after death are testimonials collected by Sara Luce




Animal kingdom and the other side presence of our animals after death


Animal kingdom and the other side


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