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Madonna of Fatima images

Madonna of Fatima images and history


Madonna of Fatima images : dearest Sara, the best news is that my histological test on my breast came back negative, and I am extremely happy, let me tell you what happened; the day before the exam a person who works as a volunteer with me called me (he knew nothing about my test) and told me that as he returned from visiting Fatima he brought back a little water droplet; that very evening I went to pick it up at the center.

Two or three days earlier, a very close friend of mine from Livorno, whom I had met in a chat, told me that he would go and light up a candle at the Madonna of Montenegro site, and told me “don’t worry, the day of the exam I will hold one of your hands and on the other side the Madonna will be there with you”.


The day of the test, which I took at the hospital in my town, I entered and did not notice anything, they made me lay down, they took the test, and as a doctor was dabbing and stitching up the wound, he told me to turn around, and as I turned around I saw on the wall, a picture frame with the image of the Madonna of Fatima.


Everything happens for a reason; for the most part, in hospitals you find crosses, hardly ever a picture of a Madonna, I really must go to Fatima with my parents, I must, and you know what? when I tell people my story, they are left speechless.


She truly was there with me.


Madonna of Fatima images and history are the words of Ornella




Madonna of Fatima images and history


Madonna of Fatima images


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