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Dogs go to heaven

Dogs go to heaven reuniting after death


Dogs go to heaven : I believe animals go where the human spirit goes, I say this because I have had one particular experience, I believe I have a gift; my father passed a few years ago (I truly speak with them in my dreams), in a dream I found myself in a garden, it was pretty, green, with flowers and benches, sitting on one of these benches was my father, I walked up to him and said hello; a little puppy was trotting around him, and my father told me that when he died, so did the puppy, so they met again afterward.


That’s when I understood that animals, be it a dog, cat, a bird, etc., they all go where the human goes.


I like this, I am happy about it because I love animals.


Dogs go to heaven reuniting after death are the words of Tiziana


Dogs go to heaven


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