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Calling on Angels for help

Calling on Angels for help they Love us


Calling on Angels for help : I have had several angelic experiences, but the most noteworthy one was one day, I was running and I almost fell on some train tracks, I felt someone grabbed me from behind, I immediately turned around, but there was NOBODY there!


I will explain that I always call upon Archangel Michael; yesterday I had asked something particularly important about my daughter and her family, the situation seemed doomed not to end well, this morning my daughter wrote to me “mum yesterday I spoke with that person, and, as if by miracle, he said that I do not need to worry”, she was left in shock, but not me, I knew who had helped.


I also received help during two very serious car accidents, in the first one I was hit head on by a boar, the car was left totaled and I walked away unharmed; on the other accident I had a head on crash to avoid a large truck driving around a bend that was about to hit me, after the crash, both my car and I were intact.


These are only some of the facts that come to my mind now and I am more than sure that this was their Help.


The emotions I feel every time (often it happens also with little things, for example, stop, a fast car is coming, or call that person, they need to speak with you, those are voices that come from the heart) are emotions of pure joy, of strong protection, of knowing that we are never left alone.


Let us call them, with all our Love and great faith, they Love us immensely and they truly wish to help us.


A strong hug


Calling on Angels for help they Love us are the words from Sonia




Calling on Angels for help they Love us


Calling on Angels for help


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