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Our beloved are always with us

Our beloved are always with us experiences


Our beloved are always with us : good evening to everyone, my friends, ever since my mother left 7 months ago, many nice and inexplicable things have been happening to my sister and I (besides the hearts that she sends me almost every day, and the dreams in which she speaks to me); I have one that just happened, and I want to share it with you, it was an episode from a few days ago, very meaningful; my sister’s daughter, who is 10 years old, had left her bicycle at school and in the afternoon, when she went back to pick it up, it was gone, obviously she was extremely disappointed.


The following day, my sister was in the car with her, she was driving the usual route to go home, when all of a sudden, she felt the urge to change course; as soon as the turned around the corner, she found a family that was placing on the pavement in front of their house a number of things that they no longer needed (my sister lives in the US and this is how it works there, when you want to empty your garage or dispose of some items, you place them in front of your house and whoever walks past it and sees them, can take them free of charge).


Well: do you know what the first thing was that they left outside? a very nice brand-new bicycle, just the right size for my niece, it was kept so well that my sister wanted to pay them for it, but the family did not want to hear any of it, the girl hopped on the bicycle and followed my sister’s car, and they took it with them, I was speechless…


They come to our help every time they are allowed to, this is not the only episode that happened to us, but I just wanted to tell you about this one.


A hug to everyone!


Our beloved are always with us experiences are the words of Claudia




Our beloved are always with us experiences


Our beloved are always with us


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