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Death of a parent

Death of a parent my Love with him experiences


Death of a parent : I too have received wonderful messages that coincided with the passing of my mother and my father, I have no doubt, you need to have eyes to discern them, because every day these messages are presented to us, albeit a little veiled.


Two months ago, my father passed away, after a long hellish year bouncing between hospitals our home, etc., he was sick, and I was the only one looking after him, I was going crazy, then he was admitted into hospice, the last few days of his life, by then we knew that he was going to leave us within a matter of a few hours.


The nurse told me “I know you wish to be present at the time he will take his last breath and leave earth”, it’s true, it was my desire, and so she said “stay here tonight, he is not breathing well, we just don’t know exactly the time of the passing”


I stayed the whole night caressing him, talking to him, he was in a coma, but he could hear, everything, I know, by about six in the morning I was exhausted, I said “dad, I am going to get some rest for a couple of hours, I can’t stay awake any longer, wait for me, I will be back”


I woke up suddenly, I remember a vision, or at least that’s what I think it was, it was not a dream, I opened my eyes and I saw vividly, I heard a very loud death rattle and I saw a clock with a time in cubic font, 11 and 30


I immediately looked at the time, my cellphone indicated it was 10 and 30, I rushed out of bed, I realized I had an hour because I knew he was going to die at the time of the vision, I ran to the car, breathless, I feared not making it in time, my son asked me “mom what is happening? grandpa???”, “yes, he is passing in half an hour, I must run”, he did not believe me and said “always with this nonsense!!!” but I knew for sure that my Angels wanted me to be there, with my father.


I arrived at 11 and 25 I sat on the bed “dad I am here go in peace into a place of immense peace and light, thank you for everything, I love you”.


11 and 40 serene and in peace he finally exhaled his last breath in my arms, I still cry as I tell this story now and yet I must share and let people understand that they are with us, they protect us and they help us and with a sensitive and aware soul, if we listen, we can pick up wonderful messages.


Thank you for the attention


Death of a parent my Love with him experiences are the words from Lucia




Death of a parent my Love with him experiences


Death of a parent


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