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I am an Angel and I am next to you

I am an Angel and I am next to you experiences and poem


I am an Angel and I am next to you : dear Sara Luce, my name is Ramona, every now and then I share with you my experiences with my Guardian Angel, unfortunately I am still very much a non-believer, and I am always afraid I am imagining things, afraid of thinking that it’s my own desire to feel this presence that makes me see things everywhere, however, when little special events do happen, then I convince myself that maybe it’s not just the fruit of my imagination.


Let me tell you this short story.


Due to my permanently dysfunctional life, it’s been a while since I have been able to pray, to make some time for silence and meditation; I could no longer pick up on signs from my Angel, I felt I had lost our special communication channel and so I asked him to give me a clear sign of his presence and closeness to me, I had no luck, for a few days I was looking for hearts, feathers, coincidences with numbers, but nothing was happening.


Yesterday, with no particular thought in my mind, I was browsing Facebook, and my attention fell on a post that was talking about the Madonna of Thialjina, whom I did not know the existence of, even though I have been to Medjugorje twice already and so I decided to read a little more about this topic; I proceeded to type on my keyboard “Madonna of Thialjina” on the google search engine, and I got a series of website suggestions on this subject, I clicked on a site titled “exceptional picture of the Madonna of Medjugorje”, and instead of finding pictures or images or any information on this Madonnina, a different page came up with the following poem, I can only think this was a message for me, I hope I was not wrong, what do you think?


You are never alone

You have me next to you


in the darkest times

I hold you tight between my wings and my heart

and I don’t let you go.


in the silence of your days that seem so sad,

in the joy of your best moments,

you have me next to you

smiling and rooting for your dreams,

blowing ideas into your heart, intuitions,

making you meet the right person

at the right time.


I caress you and wrap you up during your journey

if you are silent and release the external noise

you may discover me as I caress your face

and drawing a smile on it;


and when the evening comes, and thoughts and memories,

dreams, become intense,

remember that I, your Angel, am next to you,

that I never leave you, not even for a moment.

and now smile, because as you read these words,

you have and Angel next to you

and I accompany you during your whole life.


It’s a beautiful and special poem, and I dedicate it to everyone; warm regards and I will write to you again soon.


I am an Angel and I am next to you experiences and poem are the words from Ramona




I am an Angel and I am next to you experiences and poem


I am an Angel and I am next to you


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