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Animals have souls

Animals have souls feelings and love


Animals have souls : good evening to everyone, 11 years ago my furry baby left me, after 15 years of love, as I was not able to cope without him, I went to get another one; at the station I already had an encounter with someone whom, I believe, was an Angel under the disguise of a beautiful woman who told me “go get him, he is waiting for you”.


The following day I returned to Rome with the little one, that night I went to bed with him.


At some point he began to walk around on the edge of the bed, crying and howling, I looked down and I saw the silhouette of my previous furry one, he came to say hi.


Ever since then I no longer felt his presence, I am sure he was with me till the moment of the new arrival, and then he passed the baton, surely he will be waiting from me on the rainbow bridge.


Animals have souls feelings and love are the words from Daniela




Animals have souls


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