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Between an Angel’s wings

Between an Angel’s wings my mother’s face


Between an Angel’s wings : the third day following the death of my wonderful mother, I went to the cemetery, knowing that it was closed, knowing that I was going to climb over the fence, since I had been harboring this idea for quite some time, when my mother was dead, and the cemetery was closed.


This thought gave me relief, I could have spent the entire night in complete silence, for as long as I wanted, next to her, crying and talking to her in peace and quiet.


I am convinced she already knew everything, and that’s why she wanted to stop me right away, before they considered me to be mentally ill.


In fact, that day, after having jumped over the fence, I had already found a spot that made crossing over it easy, I had found it the day before, during the funeral, so I crossed over and ran to her.


I remember I was crying and had the hiccups I was asking Jesus for help, I was telling Jesus to give me a sign that she was all right, because I still had etched in my mind the last moments of her suffering, and I felt really bad.


That was the reason I stayed almost an hour and a half next to her, near her, her grave, imploring Jesus, and when I took out a handkerchief to dry my tears, I raised my eyes, looked at the sky, I saw an enormous cloud in the shape of an Angel, the one and only cloud in the entire sky, the sun was extremely bright that day and while I was staring at this cloud, speechless and overwhelmed with an indescribable joy, I had goosebumps, I cried from happiness, as I was observing the gigantic Angel, for a moment I thought I saw in the middle of it, between his wings, the calm face of my mother, and soon after that I saw the face of Jesus, I could not believe my eyes, I am crying right now as I am writing and so I received proof that she is well, maybe it’s my Angel and I immediately ran to my father’s grave, about fifty meters away from my mother’s, he had left us five months before my mother, I looked at him cheerfully and happily, because now I knew she was with him, and I was looking at him crying from happiness


Now I definitely feel better, even if the temptation to jump over the fence is still there.


Bye Sara


Between an Angel’s wings my mother’s face are the words from Fabio




Between an Angel’s wings my mother’s face


Between an Angel’s wings


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