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There is life after death

There is life after death experiences


There is life after death : it’s true, life continues on after death, I too experienced something that made me realize that she is still here, it happened after the funeral mass of my beloved mother, 4 months ago; we entered the Church for the funeral mass, I was crying, even though I had known for quite some time that this moment was going to come, even though one can never be ready for this moment; my mother had been suffering from Alzheimer for over 13 years.


As soon as I sat down, the chorus started to sing a song that I always used to sing to my mother, the title is You Are My Life


And with that I lost it.


I started crying even harder.


After the Mass we left the church, relatives and friends came to offer their condolences.


One cousin, whom I rarely saw, walked up to me without saying a word, she put her forehead on my forehead, her nose on my nose, without saying a word, oh my God, this was the special greeting I shared with my mother, when she was still healthy, this is how we greeted each other, forehead with forehead, nose with nose, nobody knew, nobody, only mum and I had this special ritual.


I felt shivers everywhere


This cousin had never ever behaved like that before, I was shocked, and still shivering, from this strange greeting from my cousin, I said “mum, this is mum”


I was shaking, my cousin did not understand.


“My mother and I, this is how we greeted each other” I told her, and she answered “I don’t know, I just felt like doing it, spontaneously”


Coincidence? I don’t know


Nobody knew about this, we only did this when we were alone, her and I; I attended to her until her last breath, I had a morbid kind of relationship with her, I had become her mother, and she was my little girl; over the last few years, when she deteriorated considerably, I would tell her “if life exists on the other side, whenever that happens, give me a sign, but make sure I understand it”.


She and I forever, it’s been 4 months now, there is not one day that goes by that I don’t find a heart, a pebble, a leaf, a stain on the street, a shadow, always something in the shape of a heart and yet I had never seen them before her passing.


From that very special greeting, I understood she is still here


I love you mum!!!!


There is life after death experiences are the words from Cristina




There is life after death experiences


There is life after death


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