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God’s miracles experiences

God’s miracles experiences you just need to have faith


God’s miracles experiences : hi everyone my name is Alessandra and I would like to share with you a testimonial on some events that happened to me; the first one goes back to a night in 2005, I live in the outskirts of Rome and during the period 2000-2001 a young man by the name of Nico started his military year in an army base in my neighborhood.


At the time I used to socialize with the daughter of the commanding officer, we were very good friends, and that’s how I met Nico; we became fast friends, we often spoke on the phone, we used to go out together, as a good friendship between a young man and a young woman, he was from the region of Abruzzi and this is when it all started.


It was the 5th of March 2001, I was going back home, I had gone into downtown Rome, my father came home and the first thing he said was “there are notices everywhere, a carabineer by the name of Nico has died”. I became pale instantly, 20 minutes later the daughter of the commanding officer called me at home, she told me the news, from my mouth escaped a sound that was beyond human, I had a pain so strong in my soul that I stopped eating, I was crying all the time, I wanted to quit from my job, but they would not allow me, I did not want to leave the house.


Some years passed, I never stopped talking to him, about this and that, he was always present in my heart, I told him about my days; one night, I felt particularly tired and decided to go to bed, my eyes were ready to close, I fell asleep.


I remember this as if it happened yesterday, at some point I was in an atrium, in front of me there were some stairs, on top of the stairs there was a door, and an extremely bright white light was escaping from the bottom of that door, I opened it, in front of me was an opened window, with one of the little curtains flapping about, even though there was no wind, I felt surrounded by so much peace, I then heard someone say “Ale, it’s me, Nico, turn around, I am just like you remember me”, he had had a bad accident, the parents were not even allowed to see him, I turned around and I found him in front of me “Is it you, Nico????”, “Yes, Ale, it’s me”, “Can I hug you??”, “Of course you can, Ale”


I squeezed him tight, I could even feel his embrace, I was about to start crying when he stopped me right away, saying “No, Ale! please, do not cry anymore, I am happy here, I suffer when I see you feel like this”.


We sat down on the four-poster bed with the white curtains, one next to the other, I kept his hands between mine, I talked for a while, he calmed me down in every possible way, he is alive.


Suddenly, he told me “Ale, when you see my parents, you need to tell them what I am about to say”, I stopped him in his track, saying “What are you talking about? your parents are from the Abruzzi, they will never come here” and he replied “have faith, they will come back”, “ok, Nico, I promise I will”.


Then he said “Ale, my time to talk to you is coming to an end, they granted it to me because they know you will understand, Ale, I will always be with you”, as I saw him so well, I calmed down even further, we parted with a strong embrace.


In the morning I woke up feeling wonderful, I went back to being the Alessandra of before, I no longer cried one tear.


Years passed, 4 to be exact, my friend Stella called me, in the afternoon she would come to my house to bring me the wedding invitations by hand; I had introduced her to her future husband, she too was a carabineer in the same station.


On the wedding day, in the restaurant, I asked Stella “I know your best woman, but I do not know Cece’s best man, who is he?”, “Ale, his best man is Nico’s father”, “what???? Nico’s parents are here???”, “yes, Ale”




In that moment, I had in my mind the image of Nico telling me that they would have returned, I got up from my table, I introduced myself to them, explained to them what had happened to me 4 years earlier, I told them the words their son had told me; they were petrified, shocked, I could not have known, all I know is that I gave them proof that their son is indeed alive in another dimension.


All our loved ones are alive, God saves all of us, GOD LOVES US, we just need to have faith, we will meet with all of them again one day; on the other side there is a world, on the other side is the real life, Jesus wants all of us to return to him.


God’s miracles experiences you just need to have faith are the words of Alessandra




God’s miracles experiences you just need to have faith


God’s miracles experiences


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