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Seeing and feeling presences

Seeing and feeling presences testimonials


Seeing and feeling presences : hello Sara, I will tell you my story, in 2010 my mother suffered from a bad illness and within three months she was no longer with us; the day I discovered that her situation was very serious was the day I discovered I was pregnant, I will let you imagine my pain, and before she left us forever, she told me I was going to give birth to a little boy, and so it was; one nice day, two months following her death, my daughter, was 14 at the time, actually saw her grandmother, my daughter was perfectly awake, she saw my mother telling her not to be afraid, because she was there to see the baby she had never met.


My daughter told me, with tears in her eyes, of how happy her grandmother appeared to be, and then she waved goodbye and left.


My mother never showed up again, however I always feel her next to me, I can smell her aroma.


Seeing and feeling presences testimonials are the experiences from Filippa


Seeing and feeling presences


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