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Gifts from the animals’ paradise

Gifts from the animals’ paradise experiences


Gifts from the animals’ paradise : I read a very touching experience on these pages about manifestations of animals from paradise, and so I would like to share an experience I had; for 14 years I owned a little black and white dog, a Pomeranian, she loved me tenderly, one bad day she passed away following several surgeries from a tumor.


A year later, I brought her a gift, a red rose, I took it to the pet cemetery, I used to go there every now and then, to pray on her little grave.


The following day I went to the beach in a resort town south of Salerno, every now and then in the past I used to take her there to run free, she loved it so much; well, as soon as I walked down the empty beach, I saw in front of me, on the sand, a bunch of red roses, I washed them in the sea water to remove all the sand, after a while I got back in my car and drove home.


During the drive home, about an hour long, I did not smell anything unusual, however, as soon as I got home and closed the door behind me, the roses started to emanate an extremely intense perfume, after I put them in a vase I had to relocate them in the bathroom because the perfume was so strong it made us feel dizzy.


Moreover, despite the fact that I had rinsed the roses in sea water, they lasted an entire week without wilting, then suddenly they dried up.


Sweet Peggy, we will never forget you


Gifts from the animals’ paradise experiences are the words from Rosetta




Gifts from the animals’ paradise experiences


Gifts from the animals’ paradise


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