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Signs from the sky phrases

Signs from the sky phrases and experiences


Signs from the sky phrases : I had received several signs from the sky, I am sure my message, my phrases and experiences, will be quite lengthy, I hope it is not a problem, but I have so much to tell you; it started in 2009, I was 19 years old and suffering from depression; after months of total darkness, I started to slowly approach my faith; in December, following 7 months of depression, something incredible happened, little hearts started appearing on my skin, everywhere I touched my own skin, I would feel a little itch, and then these perfect hearts would turn my skin red; I was incredulous.


So I decided to touch the upper part of my left arm, telling a friend of mine who was with me and was witnessing this miracle “look, I am going to lightly touch this part of my arm, let’s see what happens”, and so I did, and when we looked together at the point I had caressed, it had become all red and a myriad of beautiful little hearts started appearing, then slowly they started to vanish, and in their place some letters became visible, MAR, sadly that was the only legible part of it, the remaining letters were unintelligible, you have no idea how, to date, after ten years, I still very much would love to know what those letters meant.


Moreover, my friend’s dog arrived, at the time it was young and vivacious, it walked in the room where I was there alone, and it suddenly stopped in its track, staring at an indefinite point high up, behind me, with a lost expression, I had never seen such a look on a dog before, I called it, tried to make it come toward me, but there was no way I could do it: he kept staring at that point; when my friend returned into the room, the dog started acting normal again, it was crazy, I am sure that it was actually seeing the entity that was making all those little hearts appear on my skin.


From that moment on, for a full year, I have been seeing hearts everywhere, every day, they even started giving me sensations, if I saw a heart and I had a good feeling, the day was going to go well, or something was going to happen that would make me happy; if I had an unpleasant sensation, the day was not going to be a great one, all this went on for a full year, day after day, until only and exclusively with their help I was able to escape from my serious depression, I felt loved and protected, never alone, in an unconditional way, however there was something inside me that told me that for the entire year the Madonna had been with me, I could feel it inside me.


Fast forward to ‘nowadays’, days in which I am sure that my Guardian Angel, or in any case my Angels, after practically ten years of not seeing them, have returned and my bond with them is even more intimate, two years ago, unfortunately, I did something very bad, I feel incredibly bad for my actions and I asked forgiveness to all creatures above me, with tears in my eyes and regret in my heart, I told them that I was sorry and I did not feel worthy of their love; the following evening, once again the familiar itch that I had felt ten years prior had returned, I looked at my hand and there it was, the heart, my heart filled with joy and gratitude, I cried like a little girl and I thanked them from the bottom of my soul, I felt inside as if they had told me “don’t worry, everything is good, we are here, you are worthy of all our love”, I was so thankful for this, it’s impossible to explain with words all of the love that I felt inside.


In 2018 my Angels came back again, “barging in”, it all started with a young man, someone I have strong feelings for, and with whom things had not been really simple, I believe that there is something strong between us, even though I am not able to explain what it is, I do think so because the signs I have received and I am still receiving are really strong, and this had NEVER happened to me before, with no other man; the hearts came back, for months, but this time it was always in answer to my requests, or  because they were warning me that something unpleasant was going to happen between us; regularly, everything they told me, or made me feel through these sensations that the heart gave me, came true, not necessarily right away or after a couple of days, but even after a couple of weeks, ALWAYS.


Last year things were not simple between him and I, we shared tough moments where it seemed that the goodbye was going to be the final one, obviously, I did not desire it for us, and I would ask them “I beg you, please let me understand if he will come back to me, if things will go well between us” and the answer came through the hearts; over time, in that case, I learned to understand that every time hearts appeared, the answer was affirmative, yes, he will come back, yes, he is seeking you, it will be ok, don’t worry; I was really insistent when it came to this question, because I needed to know and understand, and yet they, with their immense patience, regularly gave me their answer by means of hearts.


I then became aware of your website, I started reading about coincidences, feathers, I never expected something like this, but I too started finding white feathers, as if the hearts had been replaced by them; last month I asked a question about this young man, once again asking if we were going to sort things out (as I said earlier, last year we went through some complicated times, even if every time we had ended up reuniting), when I asked this question, I had just finished taking a shower, and as I looked down, I found on my bare thigh a white feather, also, if I was on the street, I would find that the stretch of road I had just walked on was full of little white feathers, I still get goosebumps every time I think about it.


One night, once again the same things happened while I was out in a coffee bar, I overheard a song that had just started to play, historically I had always associated this song with him, besides it’s a rather old song, so my attention was completely captured by this song, I looked down and I found a feather under my little table, only this time it was grey; I looked for the meaning of it, and found out that it means that I passed turbulent moments, but peace is on its way, later on I also found different meanings from the original one, I started to lose heart from the anguish, but right at that moment, on a different site, I found the same meaning that I had mentioned to you earlier, this is where I understood that they were telling me “don’t doubt, it’s exactly what we want to tell you, peace is coming”, I could be wrong, but the song on the radio reconnected me to him, and the grey feather said “peace is coming” all made me believe that soon things will go well with him and the moments of sadness will end.


Other things happened on this subject, to do with feathers and this man, but I will skip over them because otherwise this email will never end; once again, thanks to your website, I started looking into coincidences, well, yes, I started paying attention to them also, one night, I was in one of my moments of weakness and sadness from fear of never being able to clear things with this man, and then a few hours later, I suddenly felt inspired to pick up a book that talks of Angels, I had actually been suffering from reader’s block for a while, but somehow I picked up this book and ended up reading all of it in a few hours, I was completely immersed in that world, I got closer to them; in that moment, from nowhere I received an email from a friend I had not heard from in a long while, over a year, and she simply said “I just wanted to tell you that last night I dreamt of you and that you were getting married”, this was not a meaningless coincidence to me, I could feel it, everything fell into place, me reading the book on Angels, me becoming more and more immersed in their love as I was reading the book, and right in that moment my friend contacts me to tell me that, I don’t really know yet what all of this means, and how it ties with the wedding, but everything is connected, as always, other things happened but I will make a long story short.


During the last week, other things happened, I started seeing double numbers on the clock, I had never been interested in that before, but as soon as I started paying attention to them, I started seeing them frequently, without doing it on purpose AT ALL, I looked up the meanings online and the various numbers, and every different number, even though it had a different meaning, also had a similar message, they are telling me to relax, that everything will turn out fine, that my wishes (regarding this man) are coming true, but that I have to be patient and that my Guardian Angel wants me to have faith in him.


To date, due to my fear of suffering, I am concerned that all this might mean that things are not going well with the man for whom I lost my head and my heart, but at the same time I asked “if it really has to end as badly as I fear, what is the meaning of all these signs pointing toward him, that have been showing for the last year, what is the meaning of telling me, every time, that he was going to come back, what is the meaning of answering my questions with hearts and feathers”, this is certainly not the only man for whom I felt something strong in my life, I admit, my human side is afraid of making a mistake when interpreting the meaning of these signs, even if the times and the meanings that I have now read seem to speak to me in a fairly clear manner, and yet I underestimate myself  and  I let myself get carried away with fear of suffering and disappointment, I just hope that everything is going to turn out fine.


In any case, I know that they are constantly with me, and that a deep bond has been created between us (between my Angel and I) and for this I am infinitely grateful.


Forgive me for this lengthy message, I even deleted out some details and events, and yet I so wanted to share this with someone, if you ever read it, I will accept your opinion on it.


I am sending you an immense embrace, from my and my incredible Angel


Signs from the sky phrases and experiences are words from Samantha




Signs from the sky phrases and experiences


Signs from the sky phrases


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