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Days before death

Days before death experiences


Days before death : today I will tell you what happened the days before the death of my mother, my son was three years old and he could see my father in our house; he had never met him, but he could describe him including the clothes he would wear when he was still alive; the last time my son saw my father he was three and a half years old; my mother was dying in the hospital, the doctors told us to take her home, sadly she died in the ambulance.


We took her home, the children were already asleep, as it was midnight, my mother had been living with us.


At around three in the morning my son woke up to use the bathroom, I accompanied him to pee, he seemed in a trance, he said “don’t cry, grandpa said that grandma is not dead, she is always with all of you” he gave me a kiss and told me “this is from grandpa”.


My son did not even know that my mother was dead yet; in the morning, as he woke up, I told him that grandma was no longer with us, but he did not remember anything from what he had said during the night.


From that day, he no longer saw his grandpa.


Days before death experiences are the phrases from Rosa


Days before death experiences


Days before death


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