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Feeling God’s presence

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Feeling God’s presence : God’s presence has always been a constant in my life, in 1990, I was 33 years old, I underwent two brain surgeries within the same year, in January and in May, it was a benign tumour, I still have it, I lost my right eye, however the night before the surgery, I dreamt of my mother who died in 1986 from an aneurysm in the head, in the dream she gave me her hands and propped me up sitting up on the bed.


The most surprising thing was in 2014, I went to the clinic for kidney stones, the following day I had to go back to do a scan, and the doctor told me “yes, madam, you do have kidney stones, but the most worrying thing is that you have an aneurysm at the abdominal aorta” and immediately admitted me at the hospital.


I was so scared, I kept on praying, I would hide in the little ward Chapel; the day of the surgery arrived, I said goodbye to my children and my husband who were still alive, I was calm, and yet entering the operating room with such calm was not my style; the surgeon asked “are you ready Madam?”, I answered “yes, I am in God’s hands and then in your hands”, I turned to my right and I saw my mother, it was definitely her, wearing the dress she wore at my brother’s wedding.


I thank God every day for having given me this prize, for not allowing my faith to waver, even when I lost my husband a year and 21 days later, it was his turn, but now I feel his presence always near me.


A hug of light to everyone.


Feeling God’s presence are phrases from Carlotta


Feeling God’s presence


God’s presence


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