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Down Syndrome experiences

Down Syndrome experiences cousin passed away


Down syndrome experiences : what I am about to describe to you is the circumstance in which my cousin Luisa passed away, and it’s the answer that her mother Rosa gave me when I asked her from what she had passed away; Luisa was suffering from Down Syndrome and she had other health issues related to diabetes; she was 9 years older than me and I remember playing with her when we were little girls, I moved on from her pretty quickly since she never matured beyond the mental age of 10 or 12 years; she could perform simple tasks like getting dressed and some personal hygiene activities, etc.; she could play some simple cards games, but for the most part board games were beyond her comprehension; her parents took care of her for her whole life.


She passed at the age of 44, she was sick, a serious flu virus she had had for a few days.


During her last day she was laying on the sofa watching television; her mother had heard her talk so she thought she was talking to the television, as she was known to do sometimes; she entered the room to ask her if she wanted some juice, or something else to drink, instead Luisa asked her mother why Donata and Carlo were in the room, Donata was my mother, whom Luisa loved tenderly, and Carlo was her grandfather, whom she had gotten closer to more than anybody else; Luisa named a few other people, whom had also already passed a few years earlier, and she said that they were all here looking at her, and she wanted to know why.


The surprising fact for her mother Rosa was that Luisa did not possess long term memory, she barely had any short-term memory, under normal circumstances, she would have never remembered the names of those people; so, even if having seen them could have rekindled in her the memory of her grandparents, a fundamental question remains unanswered, what, or whom was Luisa seeing?


When Rosa returned to the room with the drink, she found Luisa had just passed away, during that brief period in which she had left the room.


Listening to these words from Rosa certainly had a deep impact on me, just like on anyone who read this story, it’s certainly a consolation to think that, one day, my mother will be there when I will die, I like to think that death is just a step we need to take, to reach the next stage of our “life”, so to speak, and I like to think that Luisa’s shortcomings were corrected at the time of her death and that she is “normal” at that time.


Down Syndrome experiences cousin passed away are the phrases from Luigi



Down Syndrome experiences cousin passed away


Down Syndrome experiences


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