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Life goes on phrases

Life goes on phrases to believe


Life goes on phrases : I hope my testimonial will make you understand that life goes on, 12 years ago my daughter had a spontaneous abortion on her 4th month of pregnancy; they showed the fetus to her and actually handed him over to her, absurd but true, maybe it was supposed to be that way, he was a little boy; we went to see a priest who blessed him and asked my daughter what name she wanted to give him, she looked around and saw the statue of Saint Giuseppe, and so she called him Giuseppe.


A year later little Sofia was born, we never told her about her little brother, she was too young, and yet one day something unpredictable and wonderful happened; Sofia was two years old, she already spoke quite clearly, we were in the car and we stopped to visit some friends; Sofia, my daughter and I were seated in the back of the car, my husband was driving and next to him was my son, who exited the car first, then my daughter, then I gave her the little girl, but we did not notice that as we were stepping out of the car my daughter had gotten hooked in the safety belt, and so she fell face down and the girl literally flew from her hands, she flew almost ten feet, from the car door she landed behind the trunk, we had a few moments of panic and screaming, Sofia did not cry, so we feared the worst, the only one who had the courage to pick her up was my son, the girl did not even have one single scratch on her, my daughter’s knees, on the other hand, were both bleeding.


After applying my daughter some first aid we got back into the car and, as we were on the highway, Sofia asked her mother how she was feeling, my daughter told her not to worry, that everything was going to be fine, and she asked Sofia how she was doing, she calmly began to explain to us that nothing had happened to her because Giuseppe had picked her up in his arms and told her not to cry and not to be afraid, because he was always going to be by her side.


We were all in shock, she did not know anything, we all burst into tears, since then Sofia tells us she can feel him, and sometimes she sees him in her dreams.


Today Sofia turns 12, Giuseppe will turn 13 in November, he is a wound in our hearts, but we know that he is always next to us and protects us from Paradise.


Life goes on phrases to believe are the words from Rosaria


Life goes on phrases to believe


Life goes on


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