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Grandparents never die phrases

Grandparents never die phrases experiences


Grandparents never die phrases : my son could not have been three years old when my maternal grandmother passed away, he had been her very first nephew, a little blonde boy with a shock mop of hair and freckles on his little nose, he was very friendly with a silvery little voice that almost pierced your eardrums, grandmother was very attached to him.


We were returning from the funeral service, I lingered a little to speak with one of my grandmother’s neighbors, I was holding my son’s hand.


Once I said goodbye to the lady, I told him “let’s go, they all went in already”, and he said this phrase “mommy, why did you say that grandmother is up with the Angels, don’t you see her, she is over there, and she is laughing at me”


I was petrified, I did not even think for a minute that he could be telling a lie, first of all because he was too young to lie, and second because his little face was in ecstasy, in his blue eyes there was a beautiful light shine.


Grandparents never die phrases experiences are the words from Enrica


Grandparents never die phrases


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