Le Parole degli Angeli
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Guardian Angels gifts

Guardian Angels gifts : yes, I am sure, I received gifts from Guardian Angels, I was at the seaside, for work, I had just arrived, I had some free time and so I walked to the water’s edge, the waves had washed up to my feet a beautiful red heart, encrusted with little crystals, and I still keep jealously; I immediately thought of my Guardian Angel, it could only come from him.


After two days, it was Easter, someone gifted me a cake in the shape of an Easter lamb, made of marzipan, and on the wrapping the name of the patisserie that produced it read “ANGEL FRIEND” printed in golden letters, and the address, it was the signature of my Guardian Angel, a friend with the capital F, basically my best Friend!!!


It was as if a lightning strike had come through my mind, I had the absolute certainty of it!, it was my Angel.


Guardian Angels gifts experiences are the words from Rossella


Guardian Angels gifts experiences


Guardian Angels gifts


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