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After the death of my husband

After the death of my husband experiences


After the death of my husband : dear Sara, I wish to share with you my experiences after the death of my husband, I have been following you for a long time, I often stop to read some testimonials that you publish; this time, if I may, I would like to share with you one experience of my own; seven years ago I lived the worst period of my life, it was 2012, it was a black year for me, it started in February, with the loss of my father, followed with the loss of my husband only 8 months later, following a long illness to his stomach, an ulcerative colitis, which made it necessary to try surgery on him by removing the entire colon, which was infected with a serious carcinoma; my husband left us at the age of 52, after a week at the ICU, he didn’t make it and flew to the sky; I still don’t know what or who gave me the strength to walk out of that hospital, collect his belongings and drive home.


I am a strong believer in Angels and my Guardian Angel certainly has been very present throughout my life, I have never seen him, but I do feel him, and I know he is close to me, and so a lot of my strength came from him, I have no doubt about that.


Again in 2012, in April, before my husband underwent surgery, the December before we had taken a trip to Medjugorje, but this is another story that I can tell you on another occasion!


The morning after the departure of my husband, my daughter wanted to sleep with me on her father’s side, as I woke up, next to me, I noticed an intense perfume that I still cannot quite describe, despite the fact that it was very strong, and full of various perfumes of a wonderful fresh scent; I woke my daughter up, and asked her if she too could smell those scents, but she said no, and yet, the perfume was very tangible for me, I inhaled it with all the breath I could muster in my lungs, somebody had sent it for me.


Then, nothing at all, after 4 months my mother also passed, I never had dreams of either my father or my mother, I wonder why that is!


My husband was buried in his family’s chapel, his father had passed a few years before him, every time my husband and I went to his family’s chapel to visit him and bring him flowers, my husband refused to step into the chapel and go through the gate that locks the chapel behind him, he always stayed outside, and when I quizzed him as to why he never wanted to go inside, he would answer that he got a feeling of claustrophobia, and preferred to stay outside.


The year following the departure of my husband, my children and I decided to remove him from the family chapel and take him to a little place not far from the it, but free from any gates, I will let you guess, sadly, the reaction from my mother-in-law, she was clearly very upset, I tried to explain the reason for it, to me it was important, because I remembered my husband’s words well.


Well, the same evening that we transferred my husband, I had a dream of him, in the dream my daughter and one of my sisters had come to my work place to pick me up, telling me that they were going to take me to see something beautiful, the three of us stepped on a coach that took us to a place of gentle hills, a tree lined road with no homes anywhere, there was just a lot of green and lots of trees, the road started going slightly uphill; as soon as we reached the top a fantastic panorama opened up before us which I still do not understand, there was an enormous church in the process of being built, it was like Saint Peter’s in Rome, but without the dome, there was a low wall that separated the space between the road our coach was on and what there was on the other side, there were no gates, no barriers, just a lot of white chairs, like garden chairs, on the right hand side.


We got off the coach and headed for the entrance to the fantastic masterpiece under construction, as we crossed the threshold I lost sight of my daughter and my sister, also because I was blinded by an extremely intense sun light; as I was trying to reopen my eyes, I started to see some small concrete stands, like the ones where they sell a little bit of everything, and at one of these stands I spotted my husband, I ran to him and called him excitedly “Gianni”, he looked at me smiling and told me “you see, you found me!” we hugged with so much vigor, Sara, I felt his embrace as if he was alive, I squeezed his shoulders, I felt his chest against mine, I can never forget that, ever.


I woke up suddenly, overwhelmed by the dream I had just had, that did not feel like a dream, maybe I had an out of body experience!


I dreamt of my husband two more times, his facial expressions were always serene, in fact, twice, in 2017 and 2018 my daughter was sick, she had a mental break down, perhaps due the premature loss of her father, or perhaps all the challenges we had in closing down my husband’s activity, which was done by my daughter and my son together, with all the difficulties in collecting outstanding credits, albeit no many, and the settling of all the outstanding debts, down to the last cent, the problem of heredity with his brothers, which took until very recently to finally settle, also because of some sacrifices that I personally had to make, rather than dragging this longer, and for the sake of giving some serenity to my children, and to myself!


In the meantime, my oldest son, I have two sons and a daughter, made me a grandmother, I am extremely happy but I am also sad because my husband is not here with me; my grandson is three years old now and I am beginning to talk to him about my husband!


Thank you, Sara, for listening to me, if you would like to publish this story I will thank you, otherwise it shall just be a little intimate sharing of a story I told you!, thank you again from the heart!


After the death of my husband experiences are the words from Anna


After the death of my husband experiences


After the death of my husband


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