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Angels are near us

Angels are near us experiences of help


Angels are near us : yes Angels are near us, a little while ago, as I was driving in my car, I had not noticed that there was a pothole on the road, it did not look deep, I drove into it hard, with my right wheel, again it did not seem anything noteworthy and I drove on.


Once at home, as I parked, I unfortunately noticed that the body of the car was damaged, the entire forward right-hand corner, I immediately went to the body shop, upset at what had just happened, it had never happened to me.


The body shop employee immediately jacked up the car on the bridge to inspect the damage on the right hand side, he took a quick tour of the car from underneath, estimated the damage, as I got angry with myself because I am normally very cautious then the incredible discovery the left hand side wheel, which had nothing to do with the accident with the pothole was almost completely truncated and it was ready to explode at any time.


As the car tire man told me, who immediately forbade me from driving the car any further, if I had not run into the pothole that damaged the car, I never would have found out that I was running a big risk, I could have found myself on the highway with the risk of what could have happened.


I thought of the protection from my Angels and realized, thank you, pothole, for possibly saving my life.


I have numerous personal testimonials that lead me to believe my Angels are protecting me, some of them are really strange, another one happened 15 days ago.


In the past I used to be very sceptical about certain facts, but after a good friend of mine passed away, I had to rethink my beliefs, everything started with me finding little white feathers everywhere, in unimaginable places, even in closed containers.


Angels are near us experiences of help is the story of Anna


Angels are near us


Angels exist


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