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Our Guardian Angels are near us

Our Guardian Angels are near us experiences


Our Guardian Angels are near us : good evening everyone, let me tell you my experience about our Guardian Angels are always near us; it was the 30th of May at 10:30am, I was returning home; that morning I was with my daughter, who did not want to stay at the kindergarten, and so I took her back home with me; that morning, in any case, my daughter asked me to buy her a toy, which I agreed to.


While I was driving, my 3 year old daughter was sitting in front with me without a seat belt, I have to say that, while in the car, my daughter said “mum, mum, look, there is a key inside the toy” and of course I replied “my love, I can’t look at it right now, but when we get home I will” but she insisted “come on mum, it’s just a moment”, I answered “Ok”, for me that moment turned out to be fatal, my daughter kept on speaking “mum, mum, look mum” and as I looked at that blasted toy, I did not notice that I was about to hit the guardrail, from that moment on, I lost control of the car, the car turned every which way, all I remember is that I was able to grab my daughter and sit her in the back, and my last words were “God help us”.


We fell into a ravine, the car catapulted three times, after my words “God help us” I passed out, and I don’t remember anything else, I do know that I was out for about an hour, then thank God I came to, with my daughter screaming and calling me; I opened my eyes and I remember my whole body shaking, I felt very sick, everything was spinning, the car was completely damaged, all windows were broken, I looked down and I saw blood, from that very moment, my one fear was to turn around and actually look at my daughter, I was too scared to look at her but I had to turn around and I saw that she did not even have a scratch on her.


The only thing that came to my mind to do immediately was to grab my phone and call my husband.


My husband called the rescue, and as soon as the rescue team arrived, I heard someone say to me “today we have witnessed a miracle”, from that moment on, all I know is that our Guardian Angels are always next to us to protect us, always.


Our Guardian Angels are next to us are the words from Cristina


Our Guardian Angels are next to us


Our Guardian Angels


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