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What is time reflections

What is time reflections and experiences


What is time reflections : something I read in a testimonial also happened to me, I tell you about my reflections about what is time, it was an important experience where time seemed to suddenly slow down to a halt, I could see everything as if it was going through a slow motion reel, let me tell you, I was in the car with my son, my daughter in law and my little nephew, he was about two years old I was sitting in the back with him, my son was driving and my daughter in law was turned around speaking to me.


I saw in slow motion my son turning his head to look at her and his son behind, and then me, and I could also see that we were about to hit a car, I just had the time to say “Antonio stop” and the car stopped, without even touching the other car.


I burst into tears, my daughter in law said, “don’t cry, nothing happened” and I replied “I cry from joy, because my Angels are always next to me, protecting me”


What is time reflections and experiences are the words from Rosanna


What is time reflections


What is time.


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