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Signs of Destiny

Signs of Destiny Testimonials


Signs of Destiny : dear Sara today I tell you of signs of destiny, I lost my little girl on the ninth month of pregnancy, I had given her the Hebrew name for Madonna, “Myriam”, but toward the fifth month I had already been warned that she was of the Angels, and she belonged to the Angels, because one night, in my bedroom, in front of my bed, there was a line of Angels, with long ropes, like gowns, they were observing me, a blue light was all over their bodies, I thought it was a dream, but after what happened to me, now I know they had come to know her, they were observing my daughter through my belly.


After four months she flew to the Sky, the umbilical cord strangled her, and I am upset at God, asking him why he did this to me, and I expected an explanation.


In the meantime, three months and three days before my birthday, she came to me in a dream, with a voice of a young girl of three years, asking me not to feel guilty, and that I was not supposed to cry for her, and she said all this while calling me “mum”.


After a few months, a white light pierced the darkness of my bedroom, like a star, and it shot out of the picture of the ultrasound I had hanging in my bedroom.


A year later I tried to get pregnant again, even though I had an ovary cyst which I had already during my pregnancy but the other ovary was healthy but I did not get pregnant again, I went for some checkups and they did a surgery on me, it turns out it was not a cyst but a malignant tumor of the ovary and so, perhaps my daughter saved my life????, perhaps God told me the answer I was looking for ????.


One thing is for sure, she was conceived to be my Angel, believe me, the signs I have been receiving from her are impressive, especially from the Sky


Signs of destiny testimonials are the words from Marilù


Signs of destiny testimonials


Signs of destiny


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