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Angels exist

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Angels exist : hello dear Sara, yes Angels exist, I would like to tell you and other people who follow your wonderful website about my experience, actually, two experiences, both of which have proven to me that I am being heard, loved by the Angels, and that, if one communicates every day with them, through gratitude, a loving thought towards them, they answer back.


On my first experience, I had asked my Angels, using some oracle cards, what I was supposed to do as voluntary work now that I was retired; the cards told me, one time, that I had the gift of being able to heal with my hands, and the on the second occasion, in the cards was the Archangel Raphael, who was saying that I could heal people, and if I decided to ask for his help, He would help me; I was not yet 100% sure, so one morning, during my meditation with Archangel Raphael, I asked for a confirmation of that; I was looking distractedly from the terrace when suddenly, I started to see a fuzzy green light, transparent, it was high up at ceiling level in the living room, and I kept going walking to then come back inside, just to make sure I was not imagining it, and yet the light emerald, green light was still there; I know Archangel Raphael emits a green light, and I felt it inside that it was him, confirming for the third time his answer; the nicest part of all this was the peace and serenity that seeing that wonderful light gave me.


Second experience, I was wrapping up a small gift I got for a friend of mine whom I appreciate very much, and I was in a happy mood as I was doing it; suddenly, I started to smell a scent of flowers, I had no flowers anywhere in the house, not even air freshener, I smelled some objects on the table, thinking that maybe one of them was the cause of the scent, maybe the wrapping paper I was using for the gift was scented, nothing, that scent did not come from any object, then I understood it was a scent of roses, how wonderful!, it was smooth but unmistakable at the same time, I sincerely do not know what to think about over this event, I thought that maybe the Angels approved of what I was doing.


I also wanted to share this, I don’t remember where I read it, perhaps a video on YouTube, where they suggested, on Christmas Eve, or any day of the year really, to light up a candle, or just remember with our thoughts the people we love who are up in the Sky, they will be happy we remembered them.


Thank you, Sara, for allowing me to share these experiences with you and with all other people who follow you, I wish you, and everyone, a year full of Love.


Angels exist experiences are the words from Maria Ines


Angels exist experiences


Angels exist


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