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I lost my son

I lost my son but now he is an Angel


I lost my son : yes, I lost my son but now he is an Angel, this is my testimonial, he flew to the Sky on the 25th of June 2011, he was only 18 years old, with so much joy for life still in him, he was on his motorbike, and now he is a beautiful Angel at the service of God, to protect us from all ills; thursday 25th is the ninth anniversary of his journey to the Sky, with him in the Sky I feel protected and I always feel him close to me.


One night, in a dream, he told me “dad, you should have your heart checked, I see it’s a little hardened, something is not right! You will not die” he said, “but get yourself checked!!!”.


I went to the cardiologist, he did all the tests and exclaimed that my ascending aorta was dilated by 5 centimeters, nowadays I always go for my regular checkups, and I keep it under control; if it had not been for him, I would have never realized, and I might have been dead already.


Our Angels are always with us, every moment of the day, they see and hear everything, and intervene in any way possible and imaginable when something is not right.


A kiss to the Sky, my Francesco, wherever you may be


I lost my son but now he is an Angel is the testimonial from Raffaele


I lost my son


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