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Proofs for the non-believers

Proofs for those who don’t believe in eternal life


Proofs for the non-believers : today dear Sara I tell you about proofs for the not believers, don’t believe in eternal life, you know, a friend of mine, a doctor who is not very religious, recently lost his mother and, as he did not believe in anything, he was feeling desperate; one day, his cell phone rang, and on the display the caller showed “mother”; naturally, being a man of science, he thought that her number must have been passed on to another user, but the call kept repeating every day, at the same time, for seven days straight.


And so, he called his mother’s number, only to find out that the number was not operative; then he called the phone company to inquire as to who had taken over his mother’s phone number, the answer was that the number not only had not yet been reassigned, but that it was not even disconnected yet, as it was still active for a couple more months.


He grabbed his mother’ phone and carried it with him at all times; once again, at the same time, he received a phone call from his mother, and once again there was nobody on the other side of the line.


That night he dreamt of his mother, and in the dream, she told him “I call you and you don’t come, you know where my body is, come to visit me, I will descend down to be next to you and you will feel me”.


The following day he went to the cemetery, and while he was crying, right in front of him he saw two 1 cent coins and a white feather.


Proofs for those who don’t believe in eternal life is the testimonial from Antonella


Proofs for those who don’t believe in eternal life


Proofs for non-believers


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