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Supernatural perfumes

Supernatural perfumes manifestations of the Archangels


Supernatural perfumes : hello Sara I would like to tell you about one of my splendid experiences that I had in my life; it was January 2015, I lived with my parents, I was in my bedroom, listening to the song “The Warrior” by Marco Mengoni; while I was listening to it I was thinking about Archangel Michael, because the lyrics reminded me of him; at one point, I could smell a strong odor of stables; I opened the window, thinking that perhaps the smell came from outside, but no, it lasted a couple of seconds and then it went away.


I am a devout follower of Father Pio, and I already smelled different scents, like coffee, wine, wax, basil, in any case I looked up the meaning of such smell, the smell of stables, and the explanation was “pray for Archangel Michael”.


I had shivers, it was such a beautiful thing, I will never forget it.


I would like to invite everyone to believe and to pray to our Saints.


Supernatural perfumes manifestations of the Archangels are the words from Silvia


Supernatural perfumes


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