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Coincidence Manifestations From Our Angels

Coincidence Manifestations From Our Angels To Talk To My Angel Testimonials
Coincidence Manifestations From Our Angels : I am having a little break from work in the office so I take the opportunity to rest at least mentally by telling you about this amusing and shocking coincidence, just like all manifestations from our Angels can be; last night, instead of turning on the usual television watching the usual stupid programs of our modern times I had just started listening to some wholesome and relaxing new age music; at one point I felt this strange yearning to tune in the radio channels of my new stereo that my girlfriend gave me ten days ago as a birthday present (the 13th was in fact my birthday!).
So I start surfing through the various channels of the new stereo not knowing at which point to stop and at which point to start my search!!! So, at that precise moment, I had 'the idea' to talk to my Angel and to ask him, just like as if he was standing right there next to me, if he had any idea on the subject..giggling, amused, I took the remote control in my hand, I started watching the channel numbers as they flicked through, and I decided to press one of the keys!!! '.. If I were an Angel, I would never join a procession, or be inside a box of a nativity, I would talk with God, I would obey him and love him .. my own way ..' As you have probably already guessed, this was the voice of the singer Lucio Dalla that froze the blood in my veins and actually scared me a bit, not because of the prank from my Angel, but for my intention to almost challenge him into making himself felt because. you see lately I have been neglecting him, I got lazy and I spent my time always thinking about work!
I then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening trying to calculate the statistical possibilities of what had just happened being just a coincidence:
1. Stop the channel search at that precise point
2. Find a station transmitting a good quality signal
3. Think of my Angel
4. Find a song with Angel-based lyrics
5. Tune in at exactly the point '.. If I was an angel' with the accuracy of a deejay who is well-experienced at mixing!!!!
I hope I will not sound rhetoric since I have already read a similar experience in the testimonial 'Touch of an Angel' some time ago, but I wanted to share with you how my Angel enjoys startling me any time I distance myself from him for .. a little while!!!!
Coincidence Manifestations From Our Angels To Talk To My Angel Testimonials
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