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Testimonies Of Angels The Shadow

Testimonies Of Angels The Shadow Of My Guardian Angel
Testimonies Of Angels The Shadow : hi my name is Stefania and I want to tell you my short episode with an Angel; it happened last year, I was in the car and I was driving a little too fast, although I did not realize that; I had the hi-fi on at full volume, all of a sudden on my rear mirror I saw something like a shadow behind me, as soon as I noticed the shadow I saw it approach the window and I had the sensation that it was pummeling the window energetically.
It all happened very quickly, as I instinctively took the foot off of the accelerator pedal and I slowed down.
Right at that moment I saw a man across the road in front of me, I was able to swerve and avoid him only because I had slowed down ... I stopped to check if the man was ok, and he said: 'if you had been driving a little faster you would have run me over for sure'.
I never forgot this story and I like to think that the shadow that I saw was the shadow of my Guardian Angel.
Testimonies Of Angels The Shadow Of My Guardian Angel
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