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Daily epileptic crisis recovery miracle

Daily epileptic crisis recovery miracle received for epileptic fits and convulsions testimonial

Daily epileptic crisis recovery miracle : dear Sara, I also want to share with you my modest experience of the power of the Angels; I was born into a Catholic family, who believed but did not practice their faith, my journey of faith was very difficult as I sought a path for myself, but I never succeeded other than through suffering; after my university degree focusing on humanities subjects, I signed up for a philosophy degree, convinced that I would also evolve in the religious sense, what a fiasco, the knowledge of man, his fanaticism, his limitations, all this was very disconcerting to me and I was disturbed that human beings would need to turn to God only during very difficult moments in their lives, I could not fathom supernatural concepts when I could not understand the gratuity and permission of evil in the world being allowed by our celestial father; I was validating our human condition without the jump in quality that brings to faith, and I was dragging myself into relativism, individualism, nihilism; however, one fine day, because God’s purpose is not our own, one fine day, for those like me who were converted for a higher purpose, one fine day I became completely paralyzed, a major epileptic fit, after a week they diagnosed me with two brain tumors.

You know, Sara, we always think that certain things always happen to other people, however ….. I suffered a lot, especially for my mother. When you believe you are doomed to death you cease to suffer for yourself and during those long days in hospital, during the horrible mental journeys dictated by the daily rhythms I started to reflect on the concept of maternity, on the lap of the Virgin Mother on the holy love and the child who would redeem the world, and I uttered my very first and true prayer to the Mother Mary. “Holy Mother, I entrust to you the heart of my mother, I ask you to give her strength to bear what I am taking for granted, just like you endured the excruciating crucifixion, give me and my mother the strength we need to fight against this Calvary".

My eyes are full of tears as I write this. My young eyes have seen a lot of suffering. However now I am not crying because I remember, I cry because I believe, I cry because I called upon the Father, my real father, as the doctors were reading their horrible test results, their horrible sentences. I cry because God gave me a gift that is larger than life: faith. In order for me to have faith I needed to see a miracle, what a pathetic faith I had! GOD is a loving Father, he gave me a larger faith, he gave me a renewed and strengthened faith. May the name of the Holy Spirit always be blessed. An undeserving person such as me has been listened to. Praying does not mean to challenge the eternal world, as Sartre professes, to pray means to turn to your Father and communicate with him! To pray is to communicate with the Angels. You know, Sara, I also have my own Guardian Angel; between my vast and extensive studies, after my degree and the conversion, I met Mumiah, because while I was in the brain surgery ward a doctor was telling me about himself, telling me that this specific Angel helps those sick with brain tumor.

To me his words seemed to come from a fairy tale, this doctor sitting at the end of my hospital bed, telling me about this Angel; despite all this, after the major surgery, the long rehabilitation, physiotherapy, radiotherapy, the crisis and the countless check-ups I started studying about Angels.

You have to know, Sara, that during the first twelve years following my surgery I had daily epileptic fits and they could not find the right dose of medicine to contain my attacks, my brain surgeons said that it was hard to operate because the extent of the lesion was the direct cause of the problem, therefore any type of medication would be ineffective. One night, three years ago, while I was reading, I felt the classic aura that marks the onset of an epileptic fit, I remember it as if it was yesterday, I immediately got scared and I started to beg MUMIAH to make the fit stop, so that I would not wake up my parents, I was still conscious by then, had I had the actual fit I would have fallen into a state of unconsciousness, between screams and convulsions; as I was praying I felt an enormous wave of warmth and a strong perfume hit me, the fog that was clogging my mind was fading away very quickly, I went on my knees and I cried, since then I no longer had any more attacks. It’s been three years since I had a fit, and it’s now fourteen years since my operation. I am the only person who can testify to the accuracy of these statements, and can testify to them. And I, of all people, benevolently pushed by my faith instilled into me by my Celestial Father, could never lie or omit any facts that explain how Jesus, his pious Mother and Mumiah affected my life against evil. Now I am getting my second degree, this time in Archaeology.

I leave with an affectionate goodbye, may God bless you, and what you do, and your Soul.

Daily epileptic crisis recovery miracle received for epileptic fits and convulsions testimonial was told by Nicola

Daily epileptic crisis recovery miracle received for epileptic fits and convulsions testimonial

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