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Miraculous Healings Testimonials

Miraculous Healings Testimonials Giovannino Russo Of Suiles Olbia Italy


Miraculous Healings Testimonials : hello my dearest Sara, now I am at work in the office, however I have a little time available and so I will use it to tell you about me, about my testimonial, about my miraculous healing; some time ago I was on Facebook, and exactly when I discovered I had a problem with my heart, almost by accident, I was looking among the people that I knew, I found the profile of a very good friend of mine, who also lives next to us at our house at the seaside where I used to take my summer vacations every year; I had not seen her in a very long time, perhaps ten years, however I always remembered her because her family, just like mine, had been hit by a very bad misfortune: in that period the area where our seaside houses were located was hit by a flood, which submerged our houses and with a lot of hard work we managed to bring them back to their original state, many people who lived there worked very hard to clean up the mess in their houses and in their land, but for the parents of this friend of mine, since they were sold and frail, they did not have the strength to start again with their house which was submerged in mud, so they decided to leave it and move to another town in Sardinia, also because they were afraid of another possible flood.


So I decided to contact this friend to ask her how she was, what she was doing lately, and how her parents recovered since the sad event; she immediately answered back that she was very happy to hear from me, and told me all that had happened in the years that had passed, so we decided to meet for a pizza together. All this had originally started in Olbia, where she worked, I used to go there often because I often visited my sister who lived nearby and I often stayed overnight. As I talked to her about me, I told her about my heart problem and that my cardiologist told me I could no longer do physical activities, nothing that required physical strain, because I was at high risk of a heart attack. I added that for me this equaled to a slow death, since I had always been a fairly active person, and I always practiced sports, and being sedentary would create other problems for me.


Then she told me the tale of Giovannino Russo of Suiles, she knew it very well from other people and she told me that she would have taken me to him, that he was a person who had the gift of Jesus, he did a lot of healings through prayer. She also told me that I needed to have a lot of faith, I reassured her that I had plenty of that, although I did wonder why Jesus would want to help me of all people, since I did not really do any great things in my life, however something pushed me to go to that place anyway, and to meet this person.


I remember that day as if it was today, it was a wonderful day, and I was in line to meet Giovannino Russo, in the company of my dear friend, after having introduced me to him, she let me enter a little room by myself. Back then just like today, the walls were covered with letters, x-rays, medical certificates, countless miraculous healings, of which not even science could quite find explanations to deny these great miracles. In any case, as soon as I met Giovannino, I was pervaded by a sense of tranquility, as soon as I saw him I already had a feeling of confidence, you could tell from a distance his gaze held something benevolent, even his manners, he came in front of my eyes with a rosary in his hand, he held my hand, he asked me to sit down and asked me how I was, what problems I had.


I told him everything, without omitting one single detail, then he placed one hand on my head, while with the other he was always holding the rosary, and he started to whisper a prayer….. and he exclaimed in a louder voice “Jesus, help him!”, he made the sign of the cross and he left the room. He walked to the little Church next door, and he prayed on the altar in front of Jesus and the Madonna, then he came back. What shocked me was that as soon as he returned to the room, the first things he told me, with a lot of joy visible in his face, was that I did not need to worry, that I would be healed. He said these words with such certainty in his voice that he left me that I sighed in relief; the moment he touched my head and started to pray, something strange happened: from his hand I started feeling heart coming down, all the way to my knees, something inexplicable, it felt like I was sitting next to a fire, I even started to feel healed. I answered “Let’s hope so”, and I was thinking to myself “Well, if Jesus says so, then everything is possible’. I smiled, and finally he let me go and gave me a green sheet with the psalm Number 36, he asked me to recite this prayer at night before I fell asleep, and in the morning as soon as I woke up.

As soon as I said goodbye and left, I felt as if something had happened to me, as soon as I walked out of the room I felt completely relaxed, I felt as if someone had just emptied me out, I was weightless, I was so relaxed. My friend asked me how it went, I told her very well, and how my body was feeling during the healing, she replied that everything is possible with this man! I thanked her for having taken me to Giovannino, to have allowed me to meet him, because I did believe he is a special person to whom I could entrust my Soul and my body, and I was right!!!!


After a few months I went for a check up to my cardiologist in Cagliari, he has been following my case since I was in the army. He is the one who had noticed the causes of my psycho/physical symptoms, of the activities I was doing that caused problems to my heart by way of an extra systolic arrhythmia, both the ventricular and over ventricular type, which often caused sleep apnea and strong pain in the chest. I would awake suddenly from my sleep out of breath, my eyesight deteriorated because of this too; you can imagine the state I was in!


Well, on this holy day, in my cardiologist’s studio, I discovered that I was suddenly healed, I did not have anything. My cardiologist was speechless, he looked me with a shocked face, he looked and looked again at the ECG, he asked himself and asked me what had happened, how did I heal so suddenly, what on earth had happened. He said he had never seen anything like this in his life. I told him about Giovannino Russo of Suiles, the first thing he said was “What, he is a Sorcerer??? Did he ask for money??? Come on!.. He laughed as if this was a really strange thing, even though it did happen and it was clear…. After a few minutes he became quiet and still with his shocked face he looked at me as if I was an extraterrestrial creature…. I was just so elated to be healed, I was bursting with joy, I was constantly thinking of Giovannino, and Jesus, and I was convincing myself even more of the presence of Jesus here, among us, and of the help He gives us even though we can not see him; this event affected me immensely because since that day I now see everything differently, every day I turn to Him, I pray and I always ask him to help me, and to never leave me alone, to be my guide and to help everyone, especially Giovannino, to give him the strength to keep praying and in his everyday life,

since he spends hours and hours to pray and help hundreds of people, one by one, with patience and love!


Since that day, two other strange things have happened, two dreams that seemed like reality, in the first I dreamt of a large square with a fountain in the middle, with steps leading up to it, and in the distance I could see arriving the shape of a person with a long blue dress, with a golden stripe, and from the other side another person who looked like him, but we were not alone, there were also other people, but I could not focus on them, suddenly it seemed that I had to choose which way to go between these two people, strangely I decided to look at the face of the person that caught my gaze and then I exclaimed really loudly, full of joy and surprise “You are Jesus, I recognized you, now I know who you are…. You are Jesus, also because his face was the same as the face that we all see and know, at that point I threw myself on my knees crying, he took my hand and as he took it, it was burning hot…. This is my first dream.


The second happened a couple of weeks ago, again during the night, as I was sleeping, I had a strange dream that made me suffer a lot, I only remember that I was inside a house and it was full of water, I was almost drowning, however I managed to escape so I found myself in front of some small houses, still in the middle of the night, near those homes there was a stream that was worryingly bursting at the seams and about to breech, and the actual high level of water uncovered the skeleton of a person that had been buried a long time ago. I was not the only one to witness that scene, there were worried looking people watching on, they let me know that they had buried that person, but at the same time they hinted that I had also participated in the burying…. All of a sudden in my dream something strange happens: I heard a voice of a woman calling my by my name, her voice was so sweet and so delicate that the horrible dream I was having, the one that was making me suffer so much, stopped immediately, and as I heard the voice of this woman the first thing I thought of saying, without even giving it some thought, was “this is the Madonna, it’s the voice of the Madonna calling me!!!!”. At that point I was about to wake up, but I did not want to because I felt the need and the yearning to see the Madonna, and so in the darkness I saw what I had never imagined I would see: the face of the Madonna, as she was making the sign of the cross, she brought her hands to her chest just like we see in pictures of her, but she did not have colours, in the darkness the only thing that defined her was the slight light yellow hue, it was so real that even to this date I get emotional when I think about it! Even today I ask myself if there are other people like me who have had similar dreams, because I would be very curious to know them….


My dearest Sara, I don’t know if what I told you is sufficient to make you understand who I am and who is Giovannino Russo of Suiles, but I hope you will take this letter into consideration and that you may contribute to highlight the life of Giovannino, and of what binds me with Jesus and his miraculous healings, so that people may have more faith and more Love for Him, and may live in peace in these ever darker times where bad things are behind every corner and evil tries to hide the nice parts of life and always promote bad things.




My dear ones, I am Sara Luce, this is Pietro’s testimonial; I asked him to tell us a little more about Giovannino Russo of Suiles. This is what he told me:


Hello Sara, since today I have some free time I will take the opportunity to tell you, among the many stories, some occurrences of miraculous healing made by Giovannino Russo of Suiles, so you may get an idea of the strength that Jesus gave this man.


I will start by explaining the brief history of Giovannino, which he himself told me: it was just another day like all others, as a young man he often went on a boat with his father, fishing, they would fish all night and return the following morning; one day something extraordinary happened, the father told him to get ready for another fishing excursion, but he, a teenager now and feeling a little lazy, told him that he did not feel like it, however his father forced him to go with him; that day the sea seemed very calm and flat, the sky was star studded without one cloud anywhere, while he was about to start fishing, he found himself completely surrounded by the stars, even the bottom of the sea seemed to have disappeared, as well as everything else, all he could see were stars covering him, and he saw what he thought to be Jesus, he saw him and he felt s if he was talking to another perfectly normal human being on earth; but this was not the only time, because it then happened two more times where Jesus appeared, took his hand and told him something, but he did not tell me about those two other incidents, and I did not wish to seem indiscreet so I did not ask anything, but from that day he said he was a changed man! He could not understand why people would stop him in the street to ask him for a healing prayer, and he told me that he thought he felt as if those people had been guided to go to him, even though he had no idea why, then he discovered that he had a gift, he saw that every time he said “do not worry, you will be healed” those people miraculously healed, in brief, let’s fast forward to our days, otherwise I can write a book, which by the way, someone is already writing!


A miracle that has been acknowledged worldwide is the re-growth of the lower and upper limbs of a fetus that was still inside the belly of the mother, let me explain, a girl from Sardinia was pregnant but unfortunately when they did the x-rays the noticed that the child was not normal, he was like a little egg, with no arms and no legs, they confirmed the actual disease (all this was documented by Giovannino and he still has the information) and there was nothing left to do but pray, I don’t know how this girl came to know of the existence of Giovannino, and crying desperately she implored him to pray and to ask Jesus for his help… and so he did…. He prayed and finally there was the miracle!!!!! This girl gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, healthy, all the doctors were stunned to the point of being speechless, since they expected that child to be born without limbs.


Another miracle took place to a woman who was suffering from three tumors, and had already undergone one surgery to remove part of an internal organ due to a tumor. There was one more surgery to do, perhaps the most delicate, since it was brain surgery. Soon before she was due for her brain surgery she came to know about the miraculous healings from Giovannino Russo of Suiles, she went to visit him and here another miracle took place, he prayed for her and in the end the tumors disappeared, the organ that had received the surgery re-grew completely healthy, just like nothing had happened; even this miracle has been extensively documented with certificates and medical records.


Another healing happened to a man suffering from a problem with this nasal way, which was obstructed by growths that closed his nose and throat passage, preventing him from breathing, he too was supposed to undergo a very dangerous surgery, and again for this gentleman surgery ended up not being necessary, he went to Giovannino and immediately after Giovannino put his “blessed and holy hand with which he touched Jesus” the man was instantly freed from those growths, stuff kept coming out of his nose and falling on the ground, all this while Giovannino was praying with his rosary in his hand, and this man was instantly cured.


Another story was that of a young man in a coma following a car accident, the medics had already given him up for dead, he had already received numerous blood transfusions but his body was not reacting, the parents of this young man went to Giovannino in desperation, once again Giovannino’s word of comfort, they did not need to worry, for he would be healed! After Giovannino’s prayer, once again there was a miracle, the young man woke up from his coma and was back to normal.


Another story talks about a man paralyzed in his wheelchair since he was quite young, here Giovannino said the famous words “Get up and walk, for there is nothing wrong with you”, and here, immediately, this gentleman noticed that something inside him had happened, he tried to get up, and with indescribable joy he got up and started to walk.


My dearest Sara, I would stay here for hour and hours to tell you about miraculous healings that took place, because there are so many of them, but I prefer for this to happen differently, for I would like to give the opportunity to you or whomever wants to, to see with their own eyes all of the certificates and tests that this man had taken, and to show them to the entire humankind, so that people, especially those far away from their faith, may convert and understand that life does not end, someone upstairs is waiting for us, and our bodies made of flesh are only soil that can be healed instantly from the diseases that science declares are incurable, but can be cured with the gift that God and his child Jesus offer to us, at all times they look after both us and our Souls, which will ultimately return to where it came from.


I will speak to you soon, greetings and embraces


Miraculous Healings Testimonials Giovannino Russo Of Suiles Olbia Italy was told by Pietro


Miraculous Healings Testimonials Giovannino Russo Of Suiles Olbia Italy


Miraculous Healings Testimonials


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