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Madonna of Desperate Cases

Madonna of Desperate Cases in Carini Palermo Italy Prayers and Tears


Madonna of Desperate Cases


I always get emotional when I think of the love of the Celestial Mother, I will never forget it, it was one day over a year ago, I went out with my work colleagues, we had arranged it by phone, we visited the Madonna of the desperate cases in the town of Carini, Palermo, Italy, situated inside a college, the statue is life-size, holding the baby Jesus (or so I seem to remember), we were in an enormous Church, I kneeled down in front of it showing the picture of my sister, I cried, I prayed so intensely that I felt as if it was just me there, as if I was all alone with the Madonna, when I got up again, and from one of her eyes, one eye only was full of tears, I thought the tears were about to drop on my head.


And so I called my colleague, so that I would not be left with the thought that I was suffering from hallucination, and she confirmed too, speechless, that she could see the wet and brighter eye, while the other eye was fixed and lightless.


A very strong heat surrounded me, my Mother cried with me, sustaining my pain; even today, when I pray the Holy Mary from the heart, it’s as if a fire starts within me, and I can not help myself but cry from emotion and gratitude.


Not always do we receive the miracle we hope for, because each one of us chooses the journey to make while on earth, but I do know that they never abandon us to ourselves coping with burdens that are greater than us. I feel bad for not having taken a picture of this event, that was not my original intent, it was only a request for help and loving support, which our Mother always gives us.


My sister used to say to me, you need to pray from the heart, not from the mouth. I understood in person what that means.





Madonna of Desperate Cases in Carini Palermo Italy Prayers and Tears was told by Marianna


Madonna of Desperate Cases in Carini Palermo Italy Prayers and Tears


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