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A Vote To The Madonna The Prayers

A Vote To The Madonna The Prayers My Love


A Vote To The Madonna The Prayers : my dearest Sara, it’s been a while since I last wrote to you, I wanted to inform you of the birth of my little girl Gaia, she was born on February 20th, she is a beautiful girl, lively and happy, she is my love; I wanted to first of all thank my Angel for having been so close to me and also thank you for always listening to me and praying for me, I also wanted to tell you about how the birth went, to give you a testimonial of how much I was being helped during that moment.


At the beginning of my pregnancy I took a vote to the Madonna, given the health issues I have had since the beginning, I told her that if everything was going to go well and I managed to have a natural birth like I wished, I would offer my suffering to eschew the problems of other people.


I prayed a lot during those months …. to the Madonna, S. Anna, and the Archangels Michael and Raphael.


At the end of my pregnancy, they had to induce the birth due to too little amniotic fluid, after 4 days of induction I was at my limit of tolerance, and I asked for everything to stop.


At midnight exactly on February 20th, I asked Archangel Raphael to help me, I could not take it anymore … exactly in that moment the waters broke, and despite the suffering (obviously it is impossible to give birth without pain), she was born within six hours.


I assure you that the doctors could not explain how I managed to give birth naturally given that my uterus was not shaped correctly and I was not dilated. It’s been a miracle for me, and I will forever be grateful to them for everything they did for me.


I know you are in direct contact with them, and if you ever one day have the possibility to tell the Father that I love him and that he has my heart (I know he can hear me, but if you can tell him directly it would fill me with joy)


I am hugging you really tight!!!


A big kiss to you,


A Vote To The Madonna The Prayers My Love was told by Tiziana and Gaia


A Vote To The Madonna The Prayers My Love


A Vote To The Madonna The Prayers


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