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Recent miraculous healings

Recent miraculous healings acute myeloma leukemia M2


Recent miraculous healings : good evening Sara, my story is long; this story begins on the 3rd of March 2004, when I had a stem cell transplant; while I was still in hospital, Saint Pio came into the room to adjust the drip line, I could feel the drip tube moving, when suddenly I opened my eyes, and I saw Saint Pio near me.


The doctors had given me a few months to live, with a diagnosed acute myeloma leukemia m2; after one week of being in the hospital, the doctors came to me and said that there had been a small miracle, all the test results from the analysis had changed, and that one female donor was 100% compatible with me, it was my sister, and so they immediately proceeded to arrange for the transplant.


Two days after the stem cell transplant, through the window of the sterile room where I was staying, while I was waiting for my family to come visit me, my wife and my 2 year old daughter, I actually saw someone come my way  from the 40 foot long corridor, a gentleman all dressed in white, with a short white bear, and the more this man was coming close to me, the more he shined.


I approached the window, and he signed to me with his thumb that everything had gone well, and then he left, turning left into another endless corridor.


I saw the cleaning lady, who was mopping the floor at the time, and I asked myself why the lady let him walk without stopping him. Then I called her, and I asked her, over the interphone, who was the man who had just walked past her, but she answered that nobody had just walked past her …. and that’s when I understood who he was, and I immediately got goose bumps.


Knowing that I met my Guardian Angel was a wonderful emotion.


A month following the transplant I returned home, I dreamt of Saint Pio, my protector; I dreamt that I had gone to Saint John Rotondo and while I was there I saw, in my dream, a rottweiler dog, which was near Saint Pio, the dog was intent on attacking me, he wanted to bite me, but immediately Saint Pio grabbed him by the collar, and told him “Go away”, and he told me “Don’t worry, you have healed completely”.


After one week I went to visit him in Saint John Rotondo.


Recent miraculous healings acute myeloma leukemia M2 are the words from Antonio




Recent miraculous healings acute myeloma leukemia M2


Recent miraculous healings


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