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Miracles father Pio after death

Miracles father Pio after death intercession of the Saint


Miracles father Pio after death : father Pio has become my Saint, with His intercession, when I suffered from cancer in my ovaries, with only 3 months left to live, God gave me life again; I dreamt of Father Pio, whom I had not prayed to and did not really know as a Saint (they had given me his little card and that’s how I recognized him in my dream) before they discovered my cancer, in my dream, he told me to go to a doctor but I did not pay attention to it.


10 months later, I went for my routine check-up, and that’s when they could see a cyst. The surgery was only supposedly to remove a cyst, instead, I was on the operating table for 5 hours, with a diagnosis of malignant cancer, bilateral, and so the surgery left me with a scar in the shape of a cross.


Chemotherapy, however, as I mentioned, they told me I had about 3 months to live.


I had to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy, however, on the 23rd of September, on the anniversary of His death, the last chemo was suspended, because the results were showing it was going well.


Then I dreamt of him again, I asked him if I was all right, and, with a huge smile, He gestured with his hand, twice, the symbol of “You are ok”.


I never had any relapses, it’s been 21 years now, and I am still here, I am well, the doctors themselves are surprised, they would have not even bet one cent on me.


I am giving my testimonial all the time, any time the opportunity presents itself to be able to talk about it.


I always asked myself “why me of all people?” when my dad died of cancer, mum also suffered from it, she suffered from numerous relapses, but she is still alive, why me???


There is not one day that I don’t stop to thank him and pray to him


Him, Father Pio, I have often felt him close to me, I often smelled his perfume during the first years when I would go to Saint John Rotondo, then I never heard him anymore, but I know that he is indeed close to me, him, my Father Pio.


Miracles father Pio after death intercession of the Saint are the words from Silvana




Miracles father Pio after death intercession of the Saint


Miracles father Pio after death


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