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Miracle Miraculous recovery of a child

Miracle Miraculous recovery of a child Saint Father Pio and the Virgin Mary history of a Miracle

Miracle Miraculous recovery of a child : my friend Silvia is an old friend of mine, she is married to a very loving husband and they have three kids who, even if they are pests, are little angels; Silvia has always been very devoted to Father Pio, she can often smell the scent of the priest and has set up a prayer group in his honor; two years ago she had her third child, but during the delivery the child picked up a life-threatening virus; within a day the baby underwent three operations, and despite their success, the doctors gave him up for lost, he was too frail and small; by now all was lost for the baby; husband and wife never stopped praying for the baby and they turned to the Madonna as well as Father Pio.

Obviously all of their friends including us prayed for the baby, since apparently that was the only thing that was left to do. After three days, the baby was in intensive care; toward midday his father went to visit him. Let me add that you could only see the baby through a window from a distance and only during visiting hours, they would not allow anyone other than security personnel. As I was saying, the baby's father went to visit him. The hospital was deserted, there was nobody around. He saw the baby from the window, he was so touched that obviously the tears of pain did not fail to arrive for the poor man. After a little while he turns around to leave and right in the middle of the corridor, he sees a little print of a holy image of the Madonna on the floor and on it he read Maria the Assisting. Let me explain that when the father got into the hospital there was nobody, for the entire time that the time spent in there, he did not see one single person and there was nothing on the floor when he arrived. He picked up the image from the floor, he kissed it and he asked the staff if they could possibly put the little image in the baby's cot.

His wish was accepted and after that he left still thinking about that little image. The following night the mother dreamt of the priest smiling at him but not saying a word. From the following day the baby began to react and to feel better. To date the doctors can not explain how it could have happened. A year after it happened, the small and happy family went on a pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo as they had promised, they also took the baby with them. There were many people at the burial site of the Saint. Not knowing why, as soon as some young men from a voluntary group saw the mother, they escorted her through the crowds and made sure that she reached the crypt quickly, without waiting for her turn. After that a local priest (I do not remember his name) saw her and called her to him, he blessed her and he took her baby in his arms and said: "Finally you brought the miracle baby to me, I feared I would never see him. and I would have died without being able to kiss him and give him a special blessing. You made me wait a long time and I was worried. In any case, my child, always pray and raise your baby in the very best way you can. He has a great mission in the world." After this he blessed him, he gave her a necklace with a pendant for him asking her to make the baby wear it at all times, because it would have helped him. The woman was astonished and did not have the time to say anything, she did not know what to say since she was dumbfounded from the words of the father. Now the child walks and speaks and the funny thing is that every time the child sees an image of Father Pio, he calls him Grandpa, at which point the mother corrects him explaining that the man's name is Father Pio, but the child replies: "No Father Pio, grappa Pio.. is grappa". Was it a miracle from the Madonna, or from the priest, it does not matter, the important is that the child is well. And by the way who told the priest that the baby had nearly lost his life? And what about those people who escorted her through the crowds? I believe that the Angels planned it all, they opened a path between the crowds and they illuminated the priest.. And who knows where they will take the child once he grows up! A big kiss to all of you from your guardian angels!

Miracle Miraculous recovery of a child Saint Father Pio and the Virgin Mary history of a Miracle was told by Peppe

Miracle Miraculous recovery of a child Saint Father Pio and the Virgin Mary history of a Miracle

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