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OBE experiences in children I watched everything

OBE experiences in children I watched everything from up above remembers OBE witness and confirm


Dear Sara thank you for your reply, I would like to tell you about my OBE experience. I remember very well the time I spent outside my body, while I remember very little if anything at all of the moments just before and afterward; I will try to tell you as best as I can.

I was about 4 years old, one evening I was in the house with the entire family. I remember I did not feel well and my parents were worried about me, they were discussing whether to take me to the doctor or to wait, the pediatrician was not available but there was a replacement. In the end they decided to take me there. From then on there was just darkness, I don’t remember anything else, I believe I passed out or maybe even worse…. After a while I felt better, I felt an enormous calm, a profound sense of well-being, I was very relaxed, like I had never been before, from high above I was watching my father’s car stopped at a police check point, in the car there were my parents and me, wrapped in a yellow and brown blanket, I was sitting in my mother’s lap, the nice part is that I was watching this through the roof of the car. I remember very well the colors of the two cars, my father’s was light blue with a white roof, the police car was white with black stripes (I live In Switzerland in the Ticino County). The policeman approached our car and was talking to my parents, and immediately after that he jumped in his car and they all left, the police car in front with the alarm lights on and my parents with my body following him.

I remember very well that at that point I had a great feeling of fear and I felt lost, everyone was going away without wondering about me, who was left up there hanging, up above, all alone.

At that point there was darkness once again, then I woke back up again on the desk of the doctor who was calling me, I felt extremely cold.

Unlike many other people, I did not smell any aroma or perfume, and I did not arrive to the tunnel of light or anything of the kind.. The time spent outside my body was very pleasant, difficult to explain, I can only say that I never experienced such an intense feeling of well being as I did then.

So here you have it, Sara, here it is my friends, this is my experience that I kept locked up inside me inside a very clear and very pleasant memory and, maybe this is why death no longer scares me even though I have a profound respect for human life.

Not so long after my experience I tried to talk about it with my mother and she smiled and told me not to say anything silly; therefore I locked up within myself and I never talked about it, I was still a child back then.

One day, by then I was married, it was about twenty years ago, I went to my parents’ house and I happened to bump into the yellow and brown blanket that had been stored in a wardrobe for many years, in any case the blanket that could no longer be found around the house after my experience. I took it in my hands, I turned to my mum and told her that this was the blanket in which I was wrapped on that special evening, the evening of my experience, and I told her everything, down to the minute details.

She felt bad about it, she realized that on that day, when I was a child and I opened up to her, she should not have replied to me the way she did ….

She confirmed that indeed it was the very blanket, just like she confirmed the color of the two cars and that we were stopped by the police.

Today, I am happy that I experienced that OBE, you know, dear Sara and dear friends, I am sure that our death is not the end but it’s simply the return to the Father, the conclusion of the project that I had planned before coming to earth.

Now I live day by day, trying to make those people around me happy, especially my two children to whom I try to pass on the various values that I feel are important, such as respect, humility, patience, forgiveness, being able to listen, etc. thse are components of the great value we call Love.

When I think back to that day, to my experience, I feel a great joy, yes, a great joy still lingers and is of great help to me during difficult times.

OBE experiences in children I watched everything from up above remembers OBE witness and confirm was told by Mauro




OBE experiences in children I watched everything from up above remembers OBE witness and confirm



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