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Tale of the pencil story

Tale of the pencil the tale of the pencil story Paulo Coelho


The tale of the pencil story : the child watched his grandmother writing a letter, at one point he asked “are you writing a story about us? is it perhaps a story about me?”, the grandmother stopped writing, she smiled, and told her grandchild “actually, yes, I am writing about you, however, more important than words, is the actual pencil I am using, I would like you to be like this pencil when you grow up”.


The child, feeling curious, looked at the pencil, but could not see anything special.


”But it’s identical to all other pencils I have seen in my life”


”Everything depends on the manner in which you look at things, there are five qualities in it, if you can keep those five qualities, they will make you into a man who is at peace with the world.


First quality, you can do great things, but you must not forget that there is a Hand that guides you with your steps, this hand is called God, and He will always orient you toward His wish.


Second quality, every now and then I have to interrupt what I am writing, and use the pencil sharpener, this makes the pencil suffer just a little bit, but in the end it will be sharper therefore, may you learn to endure a little of pain, because this will make you a better person.


Third quality, the pencil allows us to always use an eraser to delete our mistakes, understand that correcting something we did is not necessarily something bad, but something fundamental to keep us on the right path.


Fourth quality, what is really important in the pencil is not the wood or the external shape, but the graphite inside so, always pay attention to what is happening inside you.


Lastly, the fifth quality of the pencil, it always leaves a mark, equally, know that everything you will do in life will leave marks and traces; always try to be aware of every single action you take.


Tale of the pencil the tale of the pencil story text of Paulo Coelho



Tale of the pencil the tale of the pencil story Paulo Coelho


Tale of the pencil story


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