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Maybe poem If our thoughts create Poems

Maybe poem If our thoughts create Poems from Luciana Mangano


Maybe ….. (If our thoughts create ….)


Maybe …. hell will truly end,

the world will return to relive an eternal spring


Maybe …. we will be able to meet in a dimension of love

and continue to paint with brushes, music and words.


Maybe we will find the way to communicate with our heart

and we will embrace the planet like a trembling puppy,

we will hug it to us, give it warmth and reassurance.


Maybe …. so many trees of life will grow once again

and will donate oxygen to a dying planet.


Maybe …. springs of live water through the deserts

and dried up hearts will quench their thirst and will revive


Maybe …. finally we will all be one entity

and will truly work together for the greater good


Maybe .… our dreams will become reality

if the world will change responsibly.


We have no choice but to imagine it with the strength of our hearts

and really wish for a kingdom of Love

and that Christ, a supremely pure crystal of the Sun

illuminate the minds of all people


This additional experience of life on the planet

may make everyone stronger, more sure of their Goal,

and lead us to the real core of life

to the divinity we have always aspired to.


Maybe poem from Luciana Mangano




Maybe poem If our thoughts create Poems from Luciana Mangano


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The Words of the Angels