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Stories for the Soul

Stories for the Soul The power of our actions story


Stories for the Soul : one day, I was a high school student, I saw a young man, from the same year as me, he was going home from school; his name was Kyle, and he looked like he was carrying all of his books.


I asked myself: “Why would he need to take home all of his books on a Friday? He must be a strange boy”. I had already my weekend planned (party, and a football game with my friends), and so I shrugged my shoulders and walked on.


While I was walking, I saw a group of young men running toward Kyle. They bumped into him, making all of his book fall off, and they pushed him, and he fell in the mud. His glasses flew off, and I saw them land in the grass a few feet away. He looked up, and I saw a terrible sadness in his eyes.


He stole my heart! I walked to ward him, while he was looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eyes. I picked up the glasses and gave them to him, saying: “Those guys are savages; they should learn how to live.”


Kyle looked at me and said: “Thank you!”


There was a big smile on his face, it was one of those smiles who show real gratitude.


I helped him collect all his books, and asked him where he lived. I found out the lived near me, so I asked him why I had never seen him before. He told me that before he used to go to a private school. Before that moment, I would have never been seen with someone who would go to a private school. We talked all the way, and I helped him carry some of his books.


He seemed like a really nice guy, well mannered, and so I asked him if he liked the idea of playing football with my friends, and he said yes. We spent the whole weekend together, and the more I got to know Kyle, the more I liked him, and so did my friends.


On Monday morning Kyle arrived, with the same large pile of books again. I stopped him and told me: “Young man, you will build amazing muscles carrying all these books every day!” He laughed, and he gave me half his books. Kyle and I became best friends for the next four years.


One time, we were adolescents, we started to think about college, Kyle decided to go to Georgetown, and I chose Duke. I knew we were always going to be friends, and that distance would never be a problem for us. Kyle was going to become a doctor, while I was going to be dealing with football schools.


Kyle was the best performer in our class, I always poked fun at him for being so good with the grades. Kyle had to prepare his discourse for his degree. I was very happy I was not the one having to stand at the podium giving a speech.


The graduation day arrived, I saw Kyle, and he looked great. He was one of those people who really found himself during the high school. He filled out a little in those last years, and looked really good with his glasses. He had a little something special, and all the girls loved him.


You know, sometimes I was even a little jealous!


Today was one of those days, I could tell he was a little nervous because of the speech he was about to give, and so I gave him a pat on his shoulder and told him: “Hey, you will do very well!” He looked at him with one of his looks (the ones full of gratitude) smiled back at me, and said: “Thank you!”


He started his speech by clearing his voice: “On the day of graduation it is normal to thank those who have helped us make it through these hard years. Parents, teachers, trainers, but most of all your friends. I am here to tell everyone that being someone’s friend is the best gift that you can possibly give. I want to share something with you”.


I was looking at my friend Kyle, incredulous, as he started to tell everyone about the day of our first meeting. He had planned to take his own life during that weekend. The said how he had cleared out his locker at the school, so that the mother would not have to do it later, and how he had taken all his belongings home.


Kyle looked at me intensely, and gave me a tiny smile. “Thank God I was saved, my friend saved me from committing that terrible act”.


I heard a lot of whispering among the audience following these revelations. The most popular kid had just told us about his most vulnerable moment.


I saw his mother and father looking and me, smiling at me, the same smile full of gratitude.


I had never grasped the depth of that smile until that very moment.


Never underestimate the power of your actions.


With a little gesture, you can change someone’s life, for the better, or for the worse. God makes us cross our paths so we can benefit from it in some way. Seek the goodness in others.


Stories for the Soul The power of our actions story moments of tenderness




Stories for the Soul The power of our actions story


Stories for the Soul


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