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Real Love reflections

Real Love reflections a heart to donate stories


Real Love reflections : once upon a time there was a young man, in the middle of a square full of people, claiming that he had the nicest heart in the world.


Everyone admired it, it was truly perfect, without any defect.


They were all in agreement in admitting that it was indeed the nicest heart they had ever seen in their lives, and the more they said it, the more the youngster bragged about his wonderful heart.


All of a sudden, out of nowhere, arrived an old man, he stood out from the crowd, and said: “Well, actually… my heart is much nicer than yours”. And when he pointed at his heart, everyone was looking at him.


Of course, that heart was beating strong, but it was covered in scars.


There were areas from which pieces of it had been removed, and replaced with others, but they did not fit very well, and so the heart appeared all misshapen and it was also full of large holes, where entire pieces were missing.


And so, everyone was watching the old man, full of perplexities, asking how he could possibly claim that his heart was the best in the world.


A young man looked at the state the old man was in, and burst out laughing. “You are joking!” he said “Compare your heart with mine, mine is perfect, while yours is a pile of injuries and tears”.


It’s true, admitted the old man. “Yours looks absolutely perfect, but I would never change mine with yours.


You see, in my heart, every injury represents a person to whom I donated my love, to whom I gave a piece of my heart, and often I got back a piece of theirs, to fill the voice left in my own heart.


But of course, what you give is never exactly the same as what you receive, and so I have a few imperfections, but I have come to love my imperfections, each one reminds me of the love that I have shared.


Some other times, however, I gave away pieces of my heart to people who never returned the favor, and this explains the holes in it.


Loving someone is a risky business, however, no matter how painful these holes that are left in my heart can be, they always remind me of the love that I felt also for these people… and who knows?... Perhaps one day they will return, and perhaps they will fill the space that I have been keeping reserved for them.


Now do you understand what true love is?”


The youngster was speechless, tears were rolling down his face.


He took a piece from his heart, went to the old man, and offered it to him, his hands trembling.


The old man accepted it, put it in his heart, then he took a patched up piece of his own, and with this he filled the injury left open in the heart of the young man.


It fit the hole, but not perfectly, it left a little lump.


Then the old man added “If the musical note said that it’s not the note that makes up the symphony, there would be no symphonies.


If the rock said that a rock is not what can raise a wall … there would be no houses.


If a drop of water said that it’s not a droplet of water that can create a river … there would be no oceans.


If a man said that it’s not a gesture of love that can make people happy, and change the destiny of the world … there would be no justice, no peace, no happiness on earth for humankind.


After having listened, the young man looked at his own heart, which was no longer “the best heart in the world”, and yet he found it to be wonderful, more than ever, because the love of the old man was flowing inside him.


Real Love reflections a heart to donate Reflections for the heart stories


Real Love reflections a heart to donate stories


Real Love reflections


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