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Freedom From Prejudice And Preconception The Same Genre The Human Genre Message

Freedom From Prejudice And Preconception The Same Genre The Human Genre Message
Today's dictation is for all of those people who are following these words that I am dictating with all the love I feel for you.
Today's words are dedicated to all of those brothers who are affected, in these difficult times, by my words of love.
You know brothers this help that I send you is not for that person that sends you the messages, brothers they are for all of you, to help you find the right path again, I know it's difficult to accept the method with which these messages come to you, but brothers these messages come to you as a help, they are to help you in your path of light and love which, for a long time now, I have seen interrupted, my help is, as usual, always born out of my love for each one of you, I would like that the light would shine in your hearts.
For this reason today's dictation that I offer you with all my love, talks specifically about the freedom from prejudice and preconception.
If the prejudice has always been considered also as a necessity, on the other hand it has created separations between you, which have not helped my brothers to look at each other as people who are friends, but more like human beings belonging to different nationalities, that have nothing in common with each other, not only, I seem to see more and more separations even between within nations that recognize themselves as belonging to the same flag. Do you understand my brothers?
This act of perceiving other people as so different from us has contributed to spread hatred between brothers, instead of facing one's own individualities, to enrich one another, my brothers, from this confrontation, as it should have been, instead these prejudices have interrupted those fluxes of love between brothers that would have brought to the growth of all brothers.
I want to tell you that this transformation could begin from this moment on, for this reason my brothers, I tell you to start to look at yourselves with new eyes, begin to look at yourselves in the eyes and you will find inside those eyes the same emotions that he will see in your eyes.
Dear brothers you must feel this contact and you will discover how much richness there is in each one of all of you.
Without doubt for you brothers this confrontation will not only be source of enrichment, but you will be able to see that brother as part of the same group and you will be able to enrich him with your experiences and he will be able to see you as that brother that belongs to his same group, brothers do make this little effort, after all, my brothers, you belong to the same group because you belong to the human genre.
The prejudice will make you miss the opportunity, my brothers, to proceed forward rapidly, realize how many things you could quickly fix if your individual knowledge's met with one another, therefore learn from the other brothers who know more than you on important experiments, I tell you this always with love, my brothers, because if in the whole world certain brothers are ahead of you, brothers do not think that they are stronger countries, because it's thanks to them that the world is getting worse and worse, it's important to always repeat because brothers there are many injustices that come from brothers from those countries.
If the preconception has been useful to comprehend many new things in the past, today the time has come to understand with our own head those aspects of the different ways in which brothers lead their existence, the different ways they adopt to resolve problems, the different ways they use to face new situations, for this reason, my dear brothers, it's necessary to stop judging, but try to understand that new methods have always gained a step forward for the entire humanity, it's because of this brothers that preconception needs to abandon you. You see my brothers, the preconception has always been used by other brothers to interrupt every new experience, in order to keep unchanged your lives and also because this way the progress would have been controlled by them who were those brothers who had the power.
Brothers I tell you, welcome these new life experiences, these brothers are building new methods and their new methods could be valid.
Finding other roads could be important for all of you, for this reason brothers I invite you to observe these brothers of yours with the necessary attention, try to understand these new methods and evaluate with an open heart if they can help all of you, otherwise dear brothers let them live their own experiences, with time perhaps you will find reasons that at this moment in time maybe you are not yet ready to comprehend fully.
What I have dictated you is to teach you that peace is built also in this way, therefore my brothers remember that every smallest gesture in this direction can help earth to be transformed and to change into a better place where all brothers will be able to live more happily and without those separations that produce only suffering for all those brothers and I tell you once again that soon this new world, my brothers, with love, could shine with the extraordinary light for all of you, my dear and beloved brothers.
I say goodbye to you brothers and sisters, as of tomorrow begin to implement these concepts that I have taught you today. Peace will be closer.
Your Jesus who has promised you the help and is giving it to you with his heart and with love. Soon you will see that the new world will be better specifically thanks to your and our acting for the good.
I love you very much, with all my heart, and with all the love that I feel for you.
Begin to change through love.
Freedom From Prejudice And Preconception The Same Genre The Human Genre Message was the Message received 25th June 2003
Freedom From Prejudice And Preconception The Same Genre The Human Genre Message
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