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The Sensations Of The Heart Love Self Ego Differentiate Between These Emotions

The Sensations Of The Heart Love Self Ego Differentiate Between These Emotions
My dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, I am once again here with you to talk about the sensations of the heart because it is important to distinguish when you are in harmony with the Love and when you are experiencing different sensations that mainly affect your Self, your Ego.
Within one single day you can experience many different feelings and often you are not even completely aware of the many emotions that you are feeling minute after minute, moment after moment, time after time.
The feelings that you experience can therefore represent your good heart and could also be an expression of your Ego.
For this reason I want to teach you to differentiate between these emotions to give you the opportunity, first of all, to understand this difference and consequently, give you the opportunity to alternate these emotions and truly make room in your lives for all of those emotions that are born from Love, while at the same time altering those emotions that come from your Self, your Ego.
When you feel emotions coming from the Self, the Ego, do pay attention, these emotions revolve completely around you, your single person, they highlight you against your other brothers, they blind you with the light of pride, your strength, your courage, the satisfaction, the honour, emotions that you feel for yourselves, without any reference to anybody else other than yourselves; it's as if you were on a stage after a monologue to which the audience who came to listen specifically to you is clapping, and while you may share these situations with other people but the light that you desire to light upon yourselves is the same type of light, the light of Ego. When on the other hand these feelings are coming from Love, your first thought, your first desire, your first objective is that this light, this strength, this satisfaction, this honour, will light with your courage at least a group of brothers and sisters if not the entire world. These feelings light up others more than yourselves, you are the carriers and even the promoters of this courage, of this light, but the others are the key players who are illuminated by the light of your Love.
Do you understand my loved brothers and my loved sisters, how much difference there can be between these emotions that apparently generate the same kind of feeling inside yourselves?
Words such as pride, strength, courage, satisfaction, honour, take on a very, very different meaning if applied to one individual person or to a group of brothers and sisters or the entire world.
Satisfaction is not only satisfaction for yourselves but for everybody; courage is not just courage for yourselves but for everybody and so on and so forth.
Now you have to learn to distinguish these emotions inside your experience and when you will catch yourselves experiencing an emotion, or a thought, or an intention coming from your Self, your Ego, brothers and sisters of mine, ask yourselves how that emotion, that thought, that intention can bring light on all of your brothers and only if those thoughts and these intentions can bring light upon your brothers, then transform them into actions, otherwise always remember that you are all connected and that every emotion, thought, selfish intention will automatically sever you from other brothers, will automatically influence selfishly the entire group of brothers inside which you exist and no pride and no strength and no satisfaction and no honour will contribute to your growth or that of your brothers.
On the contrary, every thought, intention, emotion that has your brothers and sisters as an objective, will contribute to the growth of all of you and, think of it, what it would mean for everybody if all of you put your true pride, true satisfaction, true strength, true courage, true honour for everybody else.
Today's lesson concludes here, start learning to identify and differentiate these emotions that you experience inside yourselves and recapture these emotions that light up your brothers and your sisters and do light up the world with your great Love and your world will begin to be illuminated by all of your good hearts combined all together.
Now I say goodbye, I kiss you one by one, I am happy to have illuminated you with my great Love, brothers I love you so much it's difficult to grasp how much I Love you, but this is what I feel inside my great heart.
Once again a big big kiss to each one of you Always put Love first in your lives.
Your brother Jesus Christ always next to each one of you brothers and sisters of the entire world.
The Sensations Of The Heart Love Self Ego Differentiate Between These Emotions was the Message dictated 17th June 2004
The Sensations Of The Heart Love Self Ego Differentiate Between These Emotions
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