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The Road Of Love Discovery Of The Love

The Road Of Love Discovery Of The Love Inside You
The Road Of Love Discovery Of The Love : my dear and precious brothers and my dear and precious sisters, through the road of Love you touch your heart, the precious universe that is in you, through this road, a multitude of experiences, you are born, Love is immediately all around you, in the people, the Love you meet, and this is how your experience begins, discovery of the Love inside you, in others, while they love you, they take care of you, begins that discovery of Love inside you, the discovery is in what you feel and so the Love thus activated inside you begins to be expressed to others in your world.
Like this, with simplicity, in the expression of the affection around you, is how you carry your beautiful heart.
Then as you grow older, a few wounds begin to make you take your distances, evaluate each individual situation as to whether to express yourselves or not, and the ever-present affection begins to have to wait for the opportunity to express itself as a heart in your own world.
As you grow, so grows the wait, and the opportunity to express yourselves is postponed to when a pure, intense Love will be poured completely to you, and only then your reaction will be to finally feel free to give all of your heart to that brother or to that sister.
You see how this journey brings many of you to ignore each other’s hearts, ignore that precious universe that you carry inside you, this awareness is in a limbo.
You have loved, you have feared, you have experimented at times, and if I met you today and asked you “Did you love, my brother?”, I already know the answer “I have loved but not quite like I wanted to”, and you would like to erase your years to go back and love like your heart has always wanted to do.
However on earth it’s impossible to erase the experiences, the past, but you can go forward by finally giving freedom to your heart.
Many of you that listen to me are older and mistakenly look at the time that is passed instead of the future, and yet every day is important for your universe. Being able to love every day is like regaining the experience, every day you live with your heart on the road of your life is like discovery, it’s experimenting, it’s freedom, is a freed heart.
Many of you who are getting to know my words are rediscovering the path of the heart, and your lives begin to change forever, and if I ask you “Brother, sister, are you loving?”, “Of course, my brother Jesus, every day more, and I am discovering many wonderful emotions right inside me, and I would like to be sure that what I feel inside my heart goes completely to others, and with your help this is what I would like to do”, “You will have my help, when you talk to me with your heart, you will feel me inside your heart, you will feel the road to freedom through my own Love, and together we will donate to others, but, can you feel your heart full of Love? That deep happiness inside the heart? This is what you are when you love, you are in your universe when you love, you are the universe of Love that is inside you, and on this road you are taking is where you will find your discovery, your growth, you are experimenting yourself and you discover more and more the Love inside you, it’s great, isn’t’ it? This is w
hat you are, it’s the definition of what you have always felt, Love, this is what you are, and what you are experimenting”.
It’s a sweet moment to meet again, it fills your heart, you have found yourself again.
And when the day comes when I will come to meet you to take you with me in the Sky, you will answer that question with Love “You know, my brother, I am the same way in the Sky just like on earth, Love, wherever you find me, I am forever Love”.
This is the message of a heart that has taken advantage of life as an opportunity to discover itself and has found itself forever.
And this is what life is for you, the rediscovery of yourselves in the absence of a spiritual perception, this is the wonderful journey that has brought you to choose to be on earth, the wonderful journey of rediscovery of your Being Love.
With all my heart, with an immense Love for all of you.
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 27th October 2008
The Road Of Love Discovery Of The Love Inside You
The Road Of Love Discovery Of The Love
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